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A woman who is employed to launder clothes and linen.
  1. 'Two laundresses had taken pity on her and had shown her the way since they were headed that direction anyway.'
  2. 'In the Middle Ages the laundresses would drape the household sheets over lavender bushes to dry and to impart their fresh, clean scent.'
  3. 'As a laundress, she supported us until our financial situation improved.'
  4. 'He primarily painted the crew but like his laundresses, in no specifically individual way.'
  5. 'Careless of his duties, a herdsman in a saffron tunic plays his pipe to a young laundress delectable in suntan and ultramarine blue.'
  6. 'Black women were signed on as nurses instead of laundresses or cooks only when they were to serve in all-black hospitals or relegated to nurse infectious white patients.'
  7. 'Brown points out that many of the bank's loyal supporters were laundresses.'
  8. 'Irish working class girls were viewed as drunken and feckless, only suitable to be housemaids or laundresses.'
  9. 'Concentrated primarily as laborers, teamsters, deliverymen, waiters, servants, maids and laundresses, they held many of the lowest paid and least skilled jobs in the city.'
  10. 'This is a migratory anecdote, a printed version of which appeared in England in 1631, where it was told about a laundress who had apparently hoarded money for provisions for her wake.'

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1. a woman whose work is the washing and ironing of clothes, linens, etc.

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"sons can be laundress."