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The area on which a rocket stands for launching, typically consisting of a platform with a supporting structure.
  1. 'What is an astronaut feeling as he's sitting on the rocket launch pad strapped into his pod at the brink of takeoff?'
  2. 'It proved the launch pad for a career that has been rocketing ever since.'
  3. 'It's a photo of the space shuttle Columbia on the launch pad, before the first-ever shuttle takeoff 22 years ago.'
  4. 'And like jets, the next generation of space vehicles might take off from a runway rather than a launch pad.'
  5. 'The latter shoots passengers 160 feet in the air with a force of 4Gs before free-falling back to the launch pad.'
  6. 'Plus it's going to be a launch pad and a ‘cost-effective promotional tool’.'
  7. 'These use a 1: 20 scale model of Vega and its launch pad to simulate conditions at liftoff.'
  8. 'Nasa decided to leave space shuttle Discovery on its launch pad at Cape Canaveral, Florida.'
  9. 'It had to be able to withstand a gigantic nearby explosion in case one of the rockets exploded on or near the launch pad.'
  10. 'In 1967, three US Astronauts died in a launch pad fire at the Kennedy Space Centre.'

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1. the platform on which a missile or launch vehicle undergoes final prelaunch checkout and countdown and from which it is launched from the surface of the earth.

2. something that serves to launch or initiate: He used his legal experience as a launch pad for his career in politics.

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"fires can be launchpad."


(launch pad)