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Set (a boat) in motion by pushing it or allowing it to roll into the water.
  1. 'On Thursday we arrived and were told we couldn't launch boats for a rescue because the local governments were saying the military was taking over.'
  2. 'The ferry stopped, launched a boat and picked them up - they had paddled 14 miles across the Channel - at 7am.'
  3. 'Could it be that there are no places to launch boats into our river?'
  4. 'The speed and the angle of sinking made it extremely difficult to launch the life boats and the first one that did get into the water spilled its occupants into the sea.'
  5. 'They launched the inshore boat and hovercraft to rescue the un-named man with scores of day-trippers, enjoying the sun and seaside, looking on.'
  6. 'Fire and rescue services were alerted and an inflatable boat was launched.'
  7. 'Everyone scattered as some fetched the remains of the food from the kitchen and others launched the boats into the water quickly in readiness.'
  8. 'Road ends do not have boat ramps, nor is there sufficient water to launch a boat from a trailer at most road ends.'
  9. 'They are expected to have the capacity to launch speed vessels and allow helicopters to operate from their decks.'
  10. 'He said the group had no immediate plans to launch another boat toward the disputed waters.'
  11. 'the ship was launched in 1843 by Prince Albert'
  12. 'The ship was launched in 1843 and was the first screw driven iron ship to cross the Atlantic.'
  13. 'Fincantieri were awarded the contract for the Etna in July 1995, and the ship was launched in July 1997.'
  14. 'The new purpose-built vessel was officially launched on Monday week last to serve the Rotterdam to Waterford route.'
  15. 'The Queen Mother had a long association with the HMS Ark Royal, having launched the ship in 1981 as well as the previous ship of the same name in 1950.'
  16. 'The other vessel involved was the newly launched steamship Chanticleer, which had been undertaking sea trials at the measured mile at Skelmorlie.'
  17. 'It was a gift from a visiting Greek shipping tycoon who had just launched a new ship called Inca.'
  18. 'This ship was launched in 1937, saw considerable action in the Mediterranean, and was also ultimately responsible for the sinking of the Bismarck.'
  19. 'they launched two Scud missiles'
  20. 'In the course of the Desert Storm war he launched missiles against Saudi Arabia and Israel.'
  21. 'The space race reaches new lands when the Russian Space Agency launches Nigeria's first satellite.'
  22. 'Cruise missiles were launched at the wrong targets.'
  23. 'Even before a single missile has been launched there has been significant collateral damage, all of it on our own side.'
  24. 'A space launch vehicle to launch satellites is different than a ballistic missile.'
  25. 'As aircraft weapons came along, they were supposed to fire them, release bombs and later launch missiles.'
  26. 'A traditional chemical rocket would launch the spacecraft out of Earth orbit.'
  27. 'In 1957, the USSR launched the Sputnik, the first artificial earth satellite.'
  28. 'Does each decoy need to be launched separately, or can warheads and decoys all be launched on a single missile?'
  29. 'The missile can be launched from a mobile launcher and takes about eleven minutes to reach its target.'
  30. 'Then he takes one giant stride down the pitch and launches the final ball of the over for six over mid-on.'
  31. 'In an instant, both guns were firing away, launching a volley of shells at the remaining enemy Genos.'
  32. 'As I opened the door, Meg the sheepdog puppy rushed in past me, and launched herself at him with maximum possible excitement at finding him.'
  33. 'In a sudden blur of movement she launched herself across the office in my direction.'
  34. 'I launched myself at him, pushing him against the wall and pinning him there with my fists against his chest.'
  35. 'She launched herself at him, pushing a surprised Adam back into the snow and landing on top of him.'
  36. 'Their coats streamed back in a sudden breeze launching itself through the prison.'
  37. 'It is at the roadside vendor's that they energetically launch themselves into some tough wrangling.'
  38. 'Caitlin launched herself at him - a sudden spinning kick knocking him backwards.'
  39. 'She had turned from the mirror, eyes glistening with tears, and launched herself into his arms.'
  40. 'he launched a biting attack on BBC chiefs'
  41. 'He is always trying to sound reasonable even when he is making outrageous demands and launching threats.'
  42. 'The scenario is plausible as a way of launching denial of service attacks preventing the internal operations of a firm.'
  43. 'Ahead of the inauguration, the state media launched new attacks against him in a bid to influence his speech.'
  44. 'With the Chinese New Year approaching, migrant workers across China are launching protests to demand the payment of outstanding wages.'
  45. 'He went on to launch a characteristically scathing attack on the newspaper, and on the eyewitness testimonies of the night in question.'
Start or set in motion (an activity or enterprise)
  1. 'But what about a person who opts out of his area of learning to launch an enterprise suited to his taste?'
  2. 'The director said the institute has launched a pioneer project to support the organic farming of crops, fruits, vegetables, and herbs.'
  3. 'This week I launched the Making Good Decisions programme for councillors and commissioners.'
  4. 'He said Martin wanted to launch campaigns to ‘bring some common sense and decency’ into the British legal system.'
  5. 'So I knocked off an incredibly quick webpage launching the Campaign For Better Namesakes.'
  6. 'After the poll tax was defeated in 1991 Scottish Militant Labour was launched as an open political party.'
  7. 'The Buy a Brick Campaign was launched to coincide with the start of building work on the hospice site, and was a simple and practical way for supporters to contribute to the appeal.'
  8. 'Unicef, Plan and other organisations launched a campaign last June to create awareness of the importance of birth registration.'
  9. 'Tenants and local community activists also held a public meeting on the Thursday night to launch the Campaign For A No Vote.'
  10. 'The Yorkshire Project was launched in 1999 with the aim of re-establishing a wild population of the birds in northern England.'
  11. 'two new Ford models are to be launched in the US next year'
  12. 'Some companies have also launched new products at the fair, the Chief Executive of Innovative Trade Fairs pointed out.'
  13. 'One of the largest companies in the world will be launching a new product in Zambia tomorrow.'
  14. 'The firm launched its product at the end of last year, and already has dozens of customers.'
  15. 'Steve is now looking forward to launching his product in Croydon after its success in Brighton.'
  16. 'We acknowledge that we have chosen an unfortunate time to launch this new product.'
  17. 'New products will also be launched at these exhibitions.'
  18. 'As it happens I will be launching a new product soon that includes some of these elements.'


An act or instance of launching something.
  1. 'A total of 20 flight demonstration launches were conducted from a ground platform.'
  2. 'The company had pushed its launch date from March to the end of June.'
  3. 'The launch of flights between Singapore and Jakarta, which has been stalled since May amid air traffic wrangles, is now scheduled for the end of this month.'
  4. 'The technicians were putting in place the final details relating to Monday's scheduled rocket launch.'
  5. 'The airline on Tuesday also announced the launch of a three-times-a-week flight on the Amsterdam-Hyderabad sector from the same day.'
  6. 'They want to mandate at least three useful views of any space shuttle launch.'
  7. 'Today's launch comes less than two weeks after the company announced plans to axe 3000 jobs.'
  8. 'It is the driver who controls the launch, flight and decent by adjusting the speed and direction of the jeep.'
  9. 'The exercises saw successful missile launches, artillery firing and torpedo runs.'
  10. 'We could have sworn that the downloading of music took off with the launch of Napster.'
  11. 'a book launch'
  12. 'The award includes publication and launch of his book at next year's Writers' Week in Listowel.'
  13. 'Running until Sunday, the festival has a diverse programme of events including lectures, book launches, workshops, debates, symposia, film and art.'
  14. 'The versatile space makes it an excellent choice of venue for conferences, meetings, product launches, functions and events.'
  15. 'It will be open to the public and is also available for corporate entertainment and product launches.'
  16. 'How do you get that many journalists to take time out and attend your product launch?'
  17. 'Officials from businesses, local hospital trusts and academia attended yesterday's launch.'
  18. 'The on-site events team will ensure that conferences, meetings, product launches and exhibitions run smoothly.'
  19. 'The boat is available for receptions, gala dinners, product launches and business breakfasts.'
  20. 'His wife Ann attended yesterday's launch with her two sons and daughter.'
  21. 'The occasion also marked the official launch of a new book on Admiral Brown.'


A large motor boat used for short trips.
  1. 'a police launch halted a small boat'
  2. 'They come in with motor launches at the dead of night.'
  3. 'Ahead of the convoys were processions of mine sweepers, Coast Guard cutters, buoy-layers and motor launches.'
  4. 'The launch would do the trips in quite heavy seas and cancellations for bad weather were rare.'
  5. 'On May 22 I joined a small group from the American Museum of Natural History in a motor launch at Niantic, Connecticut.'
  6. 'Part of the group rode in two support motor launches.'
  7. 'Managing to escape detection, they went aboard a Thai police motor launch.'
  8. 'They were joined by high-speed launches from the Thames police marine support unit.'
  9. 'You can tie up your own tender at the dinghy docks or go ashore in one of the harbor launches.'
  10. 'The Corps also purchased a motor launch and put her to work for the Fort Peck District.'
  11. 'He returned the salute as the warship gathered speed, picked up her guard of Police escort launches and headed for the open sea.'

More definitions

1. to set (a boat or ship) in the water.

2. to float (a newly constructed boat or ship) usually by allowing to slide down inclined ways into the water.

3. to send forth, catapult, or release, as a self-propelled vehicle or weapon: Rockets were launched midway in the battle. The submarine launched its torpedoes and dived rapidly.

4. to start (a person) on a course, career, etc.

5. to set going; initiate: to launch a scheme.

6. to throw; hurl: to launch a spear.

More examples(as adjective)

"bonds can be launching."

"attacks can be launching."

"products can be launching."

"satellites can be launching."

"counter-attacks can be launching."

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(launch)Late 17th century: from Spanish lancha ‘pinnace’, perhaps from Malay lancharan, from lanchar ‘swift, nimble’.


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