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(of a person) ungracefully thin and tall.
  1. 'The short fat one grew up in Shettleston, the tall lanky one in Canada.'
  2. 'She and Kyle were twins but he was tall and lanky and she was short and chubby.'
  3. 'He is lanky and a brilliant artist as well as being excellent at crosswords.'
  4. 'The knifeman is described as white, in his early 20s, tall, lanky and was wearing a white or cream coat.'
  5. 'They are an odd couple - Hardin thin, lanky and quiet, Russell well-built and extrovert.'
  6. 'Uncle Mac was a practical joker, a tall lanky man who loved to have children around him.'
  7. 'She looked up at him in fear, he was tall and lanky and she felt small and miserable sitting in his shadow.'
  8. 'Weed removal had to be done by hand, to help the tall and lanky plant to grow well.'
  9. 'The man was extremely tall and lanky with dark, heavy bags under his eyes and long shaggy hair.'
  10. 'Isaac stood up tall, stretching his lanky legs and walking forward as if to lead the group away.'


1. ungracefully thin and rawboned; bony; gaunt: a very tall and lanky man.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be lanky."

"strikers can be lanky."

"pacemans can be lanky."

"bowlers can be lanky."

"youths can be lanky."

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