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Relating to Kuwait or its people.
  1. 'The Kuwait Investment Authority has 24 percent share in the bank and the rest is owned by Kuwaiti citizens.'
  2. 'What Kuwaiti fans lack in numbers, they plan to make up for in noise and enthusiasm when their team take on Australia in the Asian Cup.'
  3. 'He sat with his girlfriend, a Kuwaiti princess he reportedly met at school.'
  4. 'He became the youngest winner in the prize's history for his story seen through the eyes of Issa, the son of a Kuwaiti father and a Filipina mother.'


A native or inhabitant of Kuwait, or a person of Kuwaiti descent.
  1. '"We are in discussions with the Kuwaitis, trying to defer the payment for two years or at least a year, to allow some space to present a realistic budget."'
  2. 'Australia expect the Kuwaitis to play a stifling, defensive game and perhaps seek to pinch a goal on the break.'
  3. 'In the last few years, Kuwaitis have rediscovered the meaning of the words tradition and heritage.'


1. a native or inhabitant of Kuwait. adjective

2. of, relating to, or characteristic of Kuwait or its inhabitants.

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"ministers can be kuwaiti."

"people can be kuwaiti."

"governments can be kuwaiti."

"banks can be kuwaiti."

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