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A black powder, usually antimony sulphide or lead sulphide, used as eye make-up especially in Eastern countries.
  1. 'For one thing she was wearing rouge on her cheeks and kohl about her eyes.'
  2. 'I lined my eyes in thick black kohl, wore black nail polish and baggy clothes.'
  3. 'His chocolate eyes were lined heavily with black kohl.'
  4. 'Her mom had really done a number on her eyes, outlining them in dark kohl, then adding some coppery, glittery eye shadow.'
  5. 'I mean this girl had no makeup on except some lovely kohl around her eyes, and she was just so mesmerizing.'
  6. 'My eyes were decorated with kohl, eyeliner and a touch of mascara.'
  7. 'She made her eyes look smoky with kohl and purple shades.'
  8. 'She stood in front of the mirror and applied mascara and kohl to her eyes, blinking a few times.'
  9. 'They accentuate their eyes with kohl, while they apply henna to make detailed designs on palms of their hands and sometimes the soles of their feet.'
  10. 'I only ever wore kohl, and a little ochre on my lips for banquets, although I did question the point in this, as it was usually rubbed away by the food.'

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1. a powder, as finely powdered antimony sulfide, used as a cosmetic to darken the eyelids, eyebrows, etc.

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"slams can be kohl."


Late 18th century: from Arabic kuḥl.