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A bear-like arboreal Australian marsupial that has thick grey fur and feeds on eucalyptus leaves.
  1. 'Like their koala cousins, wombats have a hardened layer over the muscles of their rump; a very hardened layer.'
  2. 'Wildlife officials estimate thousands of native animals, including koalas, have been killed or injured in the fires.'
  3. 'Thousands of animals were killed, including tigers, lions, elephants, camels, and koalas.'
  4. 'Female koalas give birth to a single offspring every two years.'
  5. 'I was surrounded by at least a dozen baby kangaroos, wallabies, or koalas all my life.'
  6. 'Well the koala is an Australian icon when it comes to tourism.'
  7. 'Certainly sloths in South America and koalas in Austrailia wouldn't have survived the trip?'
  8. 'Dale is from Australia and captivated his audience with stories of crocodiles and koalas.'
  9. 'One approach worthy of serious consideration would be to charge a fee for visitors to Kangaroo Island to hunt koalas.'
  10. 'The leaflet includes hints on how to find koalas, directions to the Koala Care and Research Centre, and how to contact Friends of the Koala.'

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1. a sluggish, tailless, gray, furry, arboreal marsupial, Phascolarctos cinereus, of Australia.

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Early 19th century: from Dharuk.