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Practical knowledge or skill; expertise.
  1. 'Labour skills and technological know-how are crucially important.'
  2. 'The research reveals a severe lack of basic cookery know-how.'
  3. 'These guys are doing the best they can, but they don't have the same expertise and know-how.'
  4. 'Although Ghana matched Italy for the first half an hour, the Italians' extra skill and know-how told in the end.'
  5. 'Such partners would also be a valuable source of professional know-how.'
  6. 'Why not put all that style know-how to good use with a career as a fashion stylist?'
  7. 'He had the contacts and know-how to turn her vision into reality.'
  8. 'That's why big clubs want big name managers with plenty of experience, gravitas and know-how.'
  9. 'The contract was trumpeted as a way of injecting investment and commercial know-how into the public sector.'
  10. 'There had been long-haul adventures to Sri Lanka and South Africa, so Jane was not without travel know-how.'

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1. knowledge of how to do something; faculty or skill for a particular activity; expertise: Designing a computer requires a lot of know-how.

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"centres can be knowhow."