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Be aware of through observation, inquiry, or information.
  1. 'I know what I'm doing'
  2. 'Her relationship with her own parents is so close that she feels saddened when she hears other parents saying they don't want to know what their children are up to.'
  3. 'He was an astute politician, instinctively knowing how to exploit popular feelings for his own advantage.'
  4. 'For youngsters struggling with issues like bullying, bereavement and family breakdown, knowing who to turn to once they get to school can be a problem.'
  5. 'Without that sort of information, firefighters have no way of knowing what is happening inside a building.'
  6. 'Once you know how much money you will have every week you should be able to budget accordingly.'
  7. 'It's strange but just knowing that ‘someone’ out there cares helps, even if it's someone I've never met.'
  8. 'We bought our house knowing that it would be tight for the first four or five years.'
  9. 'Kildare went in at half time knowing that they had to retain possession for longer in order to create more meaningful chances in front of goal.'
  10. 'I had no means of knowing whether he told the truth.'
  11. 'Before my current job I was in the pub industry for 15 years, so I know what I am talking about.'
  12. no object 'I know of one local who shot himself'
  13. 'Only one person knew my phone number and that was Alli.'
  14. 'Let it be clear from here on in that I know absolutely nothing about how cars work.'
  15. 'They should map out a route first and stick to it so their parents know their whereabouts.'
  16. 'Depression is known to be a major risk factor for heart disease.'
  17. 'Electronic tagging would be a method of ensuring their whereabouts is known at all times.'
  18. 'Perhaps some of the faces will be familiar to our readers or maybe someone even knows the date or the year when the picture was taken.'
  19. 'If you know of a group which deserves this recognition, make sure you nominate them.'
  20. 'The first step you should take is to simply limit the number of people who know your personal email address.'
  21. 'She knew little about her siblings, as it had been years since she had seen or spoken to any of them.'
  22. 'She is now growing increasingly concerned and wants anyone who may know of his whereabouts to get in contact.'
  23. with object 'I knew it!'
  24. 'Where's the basket? I know I left it right here.'
  25. 'Is it just his feeble attempt to ensure that I know he is the boss and the one who wears the trousers?'
  26. 'When I met Daniel, I just knew he would be perfect for the role.'
  27. 'She cannot identify the voice but knows it does not belong to her parents.'
  28. 'And remember, he knows you're great or he wouldn't be spending his precious time with you!'
  29. 'It hurt thinking about it, knowing that there was absolutely nothing she could do.'
  30. 'A child has no fear, has no worry, no anxiety because he knows his mother is near to take care of him.'
  31. 'She was getting quite frail near to the end of her life and she knew it.'
  32. 'He would never let her go - no way; she knew that for sure - it was the only thing she was certain of.'
Have developed a relationship with (someone) through meeting and spending time with them; be familiar or friendly with.
  1. 'Dave was well liked and respected by all who knew him.'
  2. 'I am planning to install a new kitchen and have enlisted the help of an architect I know.'
  3. 'My first big break was at Traffic - my friend Peter knew someone working there, and I got an interview.'
  4. 'I was not a close friend of Mo and knew her for only a brief period.'
  5. 'Appealing for the offenders to come forward, the chief superintendent said: ‘It appears Mr Greenidge was attacked by people who knew him’.'
  6. 'If possible, share a cab with someone else that you know, especially if you are a lone woman.'
  7. 'But in the parade most of the shop keepers knew her and some of them would even spend time chatting to her.'
  8. 'We decided to get married last November having known each other for about 6 months.'
  9. 'He's quite shy but once you get to know him he's quite friendly.'
  10. 'She also told me after knowing me two weeks that she was NOT EVER going to sleep with me.'
  11. 'This was no ordinary place; it was an upmarket historic inn and its chef clearly knew his stuff.'
  12. 'This is all very interesting, but can knowing French really help me land a job?'
  13. 'Paulo's the Italian, so I let him pick because obviously he knows his wine better than I do.'
  14. 'However, there's no disputing the fact that the guy knows his subject.'
  15. 'Even knowing one language other than your own says so much about your attitude towards the world outside your own country.'
  16. 'The author knows his subject and provides much information and analysis not easily available elsewhere.'
  17. 'One can listen to an aria in Italian or German without knowing the language and still get the message.'
  18. 'There is no doubt that Hoeckner has something to say, nor is there any doubt that he knows his subject.'
  19. 'It is not possible to know a country well without knowing its language.'
  20. 'He's been a top club manager, he's got his coaching badges, he knows the game from top to bottom.'
  21. 'Isabel couldn't hear the words clearly but she knew the voice'
  22. '‘I really know your face from somewhere,’ she explains.'
  23. 'I have travelled extensively for the past 25 years and I know a good bar when I see one. This is not a good bar!'
  24. 'One man recognises a room by a small sign, another knows a street by the tram car numbers.'
  25. 'Everyone knows the name and recognises the face but not many of us have actually gone to see him.'
  26. 'a little restaurant she knew near Leicester Square'
  27. 'Chris had decided she should drive, because I didn't know the city.'
  28. 'St. Louisans are partial to certain types of food known nowhere else on the planet.'
  29. 'Andrea told me that all her girl friends know the site, which really flattered me.'
  30. 'As a regular cyclist I know only too well the risks I have to face each day on my way to work.'
  31. 'Anybody familiar with Citroen's larger cars knows the comfort of its hydraulic suspension system.'
  32. 'The former All Black captain knows British conditions from his time at Northampton, where he was an inspirational force.'
  33. 'a man who had known better times'
  34. 'I know what it's like to be out of work; I'm grateful for having lots of work because it doesn't always happen.'
  35. 'They knew plenty of personal pain and grief, but their country was inviolable and it prospered.'
  36. 'Today, he takes comfort in the fact that his eldest son knew personal happiness and fulfilment in the last few years of his life.'
  37. 'He is a man who has known much personal sorrow in his life, and yet that has not stopped him doing what he can for others.'
  38. 'He was involved in numerous projects, was an excellent teacher, and was known for his encyclopaedic knowledge.'
  39. 'She kept those feelings locked away though; he was known as a lady-killer for a reason.'
  40. 'Do you want to be known as the girl that goes psycho if someone breaks up with her?'
  41. 'I hope as I go on in my career I will be known as a director who can tackle anything.'
  42. 'The area is known as a place to buy marijuana at all hours near a subway station.'
  43. 'Thai cuisine is known for its distinctive mix of sweet, sour, spicy hot, and savoury flavours.'
  44. 'Most said they knew him as a harmless, polite and friendly man who had become a familiar figure in the area.'
  45. 'Scilly is known for its flowers and each year thousands of people flock to the famous gardens on Tresco.'
  46. 'the doctor was universally known as ‘Hubert’'
  47. 'I went to a very posh graduate school, affectionately known in some circles as Cambridge Community College.'
  48. 'The police inquiry, known as Operation Declare, should be largely complete by the late summer.'
  49. 'In their early stages of stabilization and growth, such languages are known technically as Creoles.'
  50. 'He does not use his title and is known by his first name at the university.'
  51. 'Jimmy, as he was known locally, was a very highly respected member of the farming community.'
  52. 'She was born in New York to Greek parents and, before she got her stage name, was known as Aikaterini Hadjipateras.'
  53. 'Maggie, as she was known to family and friends, was predeceased by her husband Jimmy.'
  54. 'We certainly know that he did not use his first name Benjamin and was known as Olinde Rodrigues.'
  55. 'you are convinced you know your own baby from any other in the world'
  56. 'I solicited advice from a doctor friend who knows his asthma from his tennis elbow, and who has studied many branches of medicine.'
  57. 'If you don't know your weeds from your plants, why not take some samples into your local garden centre for identification?'
  58. 'John used to spend lengthy periods in India as a tour guide and knows his bhuna from his balti.'
  59. 'The online survey is quick and easy to fill out, and if you don't know your wallabies from your wombats there's a picture gallery to help you.'
  60. 'Anyway, we shall all know the answer in three weeks time but my vain hope would be that someone is put in charge of the agricultural portfolio who at least knows his sheep from his goats.'
  61. 'I studied Maths for a long time. I know my rotations from my reflections.'
  62. 'Whether you've read the script a thousand times, or don't know your Capulets from your Montagues this show is delightful.'
Have sexual intercourse with (someone).

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    1. to perceive or understand as fact or truth; to apprehend clearly and with certainty: I know the situation fully.

    2. to have established or fixed in the mind or memory: to know a poem by heart; Do you know the way to the park from here?

    3. to be cognizant or aware of: I know it.

    4. be acquainted with (a thing, place, person, etc.), as by sight, experience, or report: to know the mayor.

    5. to understand from experience or attainmen

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    "people can be know to problems."

    "groups can be know seek helps."

    "workers can be know about measures."

    "vendors can be know of outs."

    "thens can be know dress sittings."

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