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Knitted garments.
  1. 'Indeed for anyone interested in acquiring some new knitwear this season a visit to Balmoral Knitwear in Galston could prove worthwhile.'
  2. 'Top-end couture will be represented by a collection of vintage Galliano knitwear, all of which featured in his first show as an independent designer.'
  3. 'Every well-dressed man should have some stylish knitwear in his wardrobe.'
  4. 'For most of the non-golfing population the game is a ludicrous one played by middle-aged, middle-class men in questionable knitwear.'
  5. 'Famous for its bright golfing knitwear, Pringle is set for a makeover by its new Asian owners which could see its distinctive diamond motif jumpers disappear.'
  6. 'An exclusive clothing range will include items such as blouses, knitwear, cotton shirts and beach wear.'
  7. 'As well as knitwear, accessories, bags and jewellery in the womenswear department, the store also offers lingerie and sleepwear to suit all mums.'
  8. 'For most fashionable people however, Scotland means knitwear and in particular cashmere - expensive cashmere.'
  9. 'It was the best training that I could have wished for, and I was involved in the production of knitwear for designers like Calvin Klein, as well as the Chanel range.'
  10. 'Anthony is in the first year of a masters degree in fashion womenswear and knitwear.'

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1. clothing made of knitted fabric.

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"garments can be knitwear."

"restrospectives can be knitwear."

"manufacturers can be knitwear."

"traders can be knitwear."

"makers can be knitwear."

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