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Make (a garment, blanket, etc.) by interlocking loops of wool or other yarn with knitting needles or on a machine.
  1. 'In her spare time, she knitted socks and jumpers.'
  2. 'When we were kids, my Aunt Joan knitted Christmas stockings for everybody in the family.'
  3. 'All jumpers, cardigans and socks were knitted by hand.'
  4. 'Members of the cooperative spin and dye wool, knit sweaters, and also make ceramic crafts.'
  5. 'In the evenings, my mother read to us, and we knitted socks and sweaters for my dad in the army, and listened to the radio.'
  6. 'After breakfast, Rema sat in the living room to finish knitting a sweater for Maria.'
  7. 'Over that, she had a blue sweater that her grandmother had knitted for her.'
  8. 'She wore a white knitted sweater with a matching skirt.'
  9. 'Aunt Christina sat beside him knitting a primrose-coloured jumper for me.'
  10. 'My grandmother annually knits sweaters for all the grandchildren.'
  11. 'cast on and knit a few rows'
  12. 'It's infuriating to knit 160 stitches and then find you have 12 stitches to go to finish the row and about 2 inches of yarn left.'
  13. 'The first thing we knitted was a kettle holder by casting on 20 stitches and knitting each row plain until it became a square.'
  14. 'knit one, purl one'
Unite or cause to unite.
  1. with object 'the experience knitted the men together'
  2. 'The problem is that the show doesn't knit together.'
  3. 'It was clear he was going to be fit for the Olympics, but he was worried about how the team would knit together.'
  4. 'Europe, viciously divided against itself for centuries, has knit together into a democratic and civil society.'
  5. 'The book consists of disparate material roughly knitted together.'
  6. 'Small-leaved plants that tolerate close clipping will quickly knit together to form a seamless hedge.'
  7. 'This idea enabled the two theories to be knitted together, and the differing concepts they embodied to be brought into a working relationship.'
  8. 'Increasingly the county was knit together by improvements in transport.'
  9. 'We are very fortunate to have a group of staff who knit together as a team and excel in what they do.'
  10. 'These men were knit together by the personal bond they each had with their king or chieftain.'
  11. 'Yet more often than not, efforts to knit together national economies fall victim to obstructionism.'
  12. 'For the first 12 weeks I lay in bed at home in a morphine-induced haze as my bones slowly knitted.'
  13. 'The bone knitted back together and the flesh and muscle followed.'
  14. 'Some fractured bones do not knit back together well and this can lead to a slow recovery, with surgery needed to help the bones to unite.'
  15. 'The bones had started to knit long before she'd been brought into the hospital.'
  16. 'He was taken to York District Hospital, where surgeons operated the next day, inserting a pin in the tibia to help knit the bones together.'
  17. 'When he was later transferred to the government hospital at his parents' request, the doctors found that his bones had knitted in the wrong way and could not be corrected.'
Tighten (one's eyebrows) in a frown of concentration, disapproval, or anxiety.
  1. 'Eric knitted his eyebrows together and frowned.'
  2. 'He knitted his eye brows in frustration and turned to glare at Faye.'
  3. 'I set the photo on the desk and stared at it, knitting my brow.'
  4. 'His eyebrows were knitted together in what looked like a hint of frustration.'
  5. 'His brows were knitted into a deep frown; his hands clutched at his stomach.'
  6. 'He knitted his eyebrows in obvious bewilderment.'
  7. 'The waiter knitted his bushy eyebrows together and cocked his head slightly.'
  8. 'I knitted my brow, a bit confused as to the direction this conversation was taking.'
  9. 'She looked up at him, confusion knitting her brows.'
  10. 'Her eyebrows were knitted together in concentration, as if trying to remember something.'


A knitted fabric.
  1. 'Don't allow the fabric to hang off the cutting surface, it will stretch and distort the knit.'
  2. 'She wore a black ankle-length skirt with a scarlet knit shirt with three quarter sleeves.'
  3. 'A dense design embroidered on a lightweight knit weighs down the fabric surrounding the design.'
  4. 'Fluffy woolens, down-filled quilted layers, and synthetic thermal weaves and knits all work well in freezing temperatures.'
  5. 'It is made of 100% combed cotton brushed knit, and is colorfast so darks will stay dark.'
  6. 'She pulled her hat further over her ears, wrapped a long knit scarf around her nose and mouth, then hurried down the street.'
  7. 'When she came out again, she wore white denim shorts, a sleeveless knit top, and canvas deck shoes.'
  8. 'There are knits like soft jerseys and heavy fleece.'
  9. 'Some of the knit dresses showed off so much thigh that they looked like tops.'
  10. 'Sweater knit is usually sold by the yard, in panels or in kits.'
  11. 'an array of casual knits'
  12. 'Mr Neal said he and his wife are planning a range of alpaca knits.'
  13. 'Among the large audience was special guest, Orla Kiely, the handbag designer whose displays of leather suits, boiled wool skirts and cashmere knits were also shown.'
  14. 'Kathleen has always enjoyed knitting and since her grand-children decided they preferred designer labels to grandma's home knits, she has given her knitting to local charities.'
  15. 'Separate your Ts from your long-sleeve knits, and your heavyweight sweaters from your lighter ones.'
  16. 'But why is it that in the very same issue the clothes shown in the fashion section are bare-shouldered - admittedly with little knits to cover those parts older women prefer not to expose?'
  17. 'Instead of wearing the more conventional tie and shirt, try pairing up your suits with fine-gauge knits.'
  18. 'Think about it: a chunky woollen knit is not the first thing we reach for to ward off cold snaps and draughts these days.'
  19. 'If you are sporting one of this season's oversized knits, then do what Stella McCartney did on her runway and wear it over slender trousers to balance out the bulk.'
  20. 'The femme fatale showed off her curves in corseted cocktail frocks, clingy knits and tailored skirts.'
  21. 'The much-loved Matelot top gets a makeover, there are lovely 30s-style chunky knits and all sorts of variations on a red, white and blue colour theme.'

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1. made by knitting, as a cloth article: a knitted bedspread.

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"fabrics can be knitted."

"garments can be knitted."

"squares can be knitted."

"samples can be knitted."

"pieces can be knitted."

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Old English cnyttan, of West Germanic origin; related to German dialect knütten, also to knot. The original sense was ‘tie in or with a knot’, hence ‘join, unite’ ( knit (sense 2 of the verb)); an obsolete Middle English sense ‘knot string to make a net’ gave rise to knit (sense 1 of the verb).