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The title, rank, or status of a knight.
  1. mass noun 'the basis of feudal knighthood'
  2. 'Sir Richard Thompson received a knighthood for his post as head of the Queen's medical household and physician to the Queen.'
  3. 'And yet he remained the only major explorer of the age never to receive a knighthood.'
  4. 'He has received a knighthood in recognition of his services to education.'
  5. 'Nowadays, major disclosures of the soon-to-be recipients of knighthoods and peerages are commonplace.'
  6. 'Much loved comedy legend Eric Sykes has scooped a top honour - but missed out on his knighthood.'
  7. 'The screen veteran is the biggest name on the Queen's birthday honours list, receiving a knighthood.'
  8. 'Honours, such as knighthoods, peerages, and other decorations, are awarded on his recommendation.'
  9. 'At the age of 69, Scotland's most famous son has finally received a knighthood.'
  10. 'Tight new spending limits are set to be imposed on Britain's political parties to stop them going cap in hand to donors angling for peerages, knighthoods and other favours.'
  11. 'In 1999 his charity work gained him a knighthood to add to his life peerage from Margaret Thatcher.'

More definitions

1. the rank or dignity of a knight: to confer knighthood upon him.

2. the profession or vocation of a knight.

3. knightly character or qualities.

4. the body of knights.

More examples(as adjective)

"awards can be knighthoods."