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(of a response) automatic and unthinking.
  1. 'Do you think that was a feminist knee-jerk reaction, or do you think they misinterpreted the book?'
  2. 'Mr Butler said a carbon tax was ‘a knee-jerk response to a global and complex problem’ and that a more sophisticated and appropriately costed solution would be necessary.'
  3. 'Until then I hope they don't rush into any knee-jerk decisions.'
  4. 'Jones accused the American authorities of a knee-jerk response to its corporate scandals and said it was symptomatic of a protectionist economy.'
  5. 'There will be no knee-jerk reactions and I firmly believe we'll get ourselves out of this.'
  6. 'This announcement seems to be more of a knee-jerk reaction than a considered response to a terrible problem.'
  7. 'Such events have prompted hasty - some say knee-jerk - responses by public officials.'
  8. 'There is always a danger of a knee-jerk reaction in these situations, and imposing lots of needless rules on companies going on perfectly well without them.'
  9. 'This is no knee-jerk response to a tragedy; he has been campaigning on this topic for a long time.'
  10. 'It seems to happen often enough that knee-jerk reactions that involving banning things tend to have the opposite effect of what those calling for the ban expect.'
  11. 'knee-jerk radicals'
  12. 'You're all looking like a bunch of knee-jerk reactionaries.'
  13. 'It's not a bunch of left-wingers or knee-jerk liberals: we're talking about prosecutors, judges, the mainstream lawyer organization.'


A sudden involuntary reflex kick caused by a blow on the tendon just below the knee.
  1. 'Too often this country resorts to the knee-jerk in order to effect social change, maybe we just need to be a bit more inventive in the way we approach the problem.'


1. of or relating to a knee-jerk.

2. Informal. reacting according to a certain habitual manner; unthinking: a knee-jerk liberal.

More examples(as adjective)

"reactions can be kneejerk."

"sellings can be kneejerk."

"buyings can be kneejerk."

"wobbles can be kneejerk."

"responses can be kneejerk."

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