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A flightless New Zealand bird with hair-like feathers, having a long downcurved bill with sensitive nostrils at the tip.
  1. 'The kiwi, a flightless nocturnal bird unique to New Zealand, is the symbol for everything from New Zealand.'
  2. 'The Taranaki Kiwi Trust has released five kiwi into the park already with a further nine on the way - positive action that may halt the kiwi's decline into extinction.'
  3. 'However, after nine months - when they weigh about 1 kg - most kiwis can fight off anything but a dog, and generally live for another 40 years.'
A New Zealander.
  1. 'One thing I've really realised upon spending a bit of time around Kiwis again is that New Zealand English really is different from UK English.'
  2. 'As a Kiwi it's hard to admit, but the Aussies are pretty sharp at this game, which is even more reason to dislike them.'
  3. 'What do tax cuts mean for ordinary Kiwis on middle and low incomes?'
  4. 'The average Australian earns about $120 a week more than the average Kiwi.'
  5. 'The Kiwis do security patrols around the base perimeter and man the watchtower on a roster system.'
  6. 'Most Kiwis will have spent some of their summer sitting in a car behind a truck on a stretch of open road.'
  7. 'The fact that so many Kiwis got behind Jeff and voted should in itself show what he could've done for the show.'
  8. 'The Dominion Post reports that Kiwis are indecisive on polling day because 30 percent of us make up our minds in the last months of an election (and 16% on the day itself).'
  9. 'I watched the Kiwis play Australia earlier this month and thought they should have won.'
  10. 'The conversation reminds me of the Kiwis I stayed with at Phillip Island last month.'

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1. any of several flightless, ratite birds of the genus Apteryx, of New Zealand, allied to the extinct moas.

2. Also called Chinese gooseberry. the egg-sized, edible berry of the Chinese gooseberry, having fuzzy brownish skin and slightly tart green flesh.

3. Slang. a member of an air service, as in World War I, who is confined to ground duty. a former pilot or member of a flight crew.

4. Informal. a New Zealander.

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"favours can be kiwis."


(kiwi)Mid 19th century: from Maori.