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(in anthropological or formal use) a man who is one of a person's blood relations.
  1. 'Alan, in one display of this iconic sign system, explains the sign of crossed sticks with a silver button at their center that he leaves for a kinsman.'
  2. 'But when the pair finally met up with their enamored young kinsman, he was in no mood for fighting.'
  3. 'Cedric and Athelstane discuss the possibility of a Saxon restoration during the upcoming uprising, and the need to start mobilizing and uniting their kinsmen.'
  4. 'Rowland Lacy, a kinsman of the earl of Lincoln, loves Rose, the daughter of the lord mayor of London.'
  5. 'His distant kinsman, Mr Enfield, tells him a story of a mysterious Mr Hyde.'
  6. 'Nathan ben Israel: Isaac's kind and wise kinsman, who offers him a place to stay near Templestowe.'
  7. 'The death of any kinsman or woman from any cause might give rise to the hope of their spirit being reincarnated.'
  8. 'Like his kinsman, he practiced his art with the aid of the portable camera obscura, but his preternatural acuity and immaculate form carried his work to the edge of hallucination.'

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1. a blood relative, especially a male.

2. a relative by marriage.

3. a person of the same nationality or ethnic group.

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"members can be kinsman."