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The male ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth.
  1. 'Whether forced or voluntary, Roman emperors, kings and queens, hereditary princes and grand dukes and, yes, even popes have abdicated.'
  2. 'That chair had always reminded me of a king's throne, and since my father usually sat in it, I used to like to pretend that he was the king, a position I would one day inherit.'
  3. 'The most mystical of shades, purple has been preferred by kings, queens and emperors throughout history.'
  4. 'Those whose persona is royal are of course kings or queens, or princes or princesses of principalities.'
  5. 'Just before eleven that night Sir Quinn stood before the king, queen, princess and the other members of the court.'
  6. 'The throne of Egypt, although it passed through the female line in name, in reality passed through the first-born male heir of the king.'
  7. 'There was a breakdown of centralized government, with many kings having overlapping reigns.'
  8. 'At one time, traditional societies greatly recognised people born to their positions as chiefs, kings or emperors.'
  9. 'They follow leaders - queens or kings, chiefs or emperors.'
  10. 'The kings and rulers of this world are not necessarily happy men.'
  11. 'a country where football is king'
  12. 'There is a definite Irish feeling to their sound, which draws on the kings of Irish rock and progressive trad, as well as more modern influences.'
  13. 'You may be too young to remember them but they used to be kings of rock 'n' roll.'
  14. 'Football is the king at nearly every college campus where it exists.'
  15. 'When it comes to sports, Henry says football remains the king of beer promotional opportunities.'
  16. 'All hail the new kings of American rock 'n' roll.'
  17. 'But this guy is the king of football writers, and a good example.'
  18. 'Titles such as Astral Traveller, Yesterday and Today and Perpetual Change hint at the king of prog rock's spiritual leanings.'
  19. 'The king of rock ‘n’ roll has returned to the top nearly 30 years after he was laid to rest.'
  20. 'The redneck king and the quintessential greenie at one.'
  21. 'Rangers showed great resolve at the end of a long season that contained many disappointments, so it was important that they remained kings of their own patch.'
  22. 'Anglers can find brown trout here, but the Trinity is best known for king salmon and steelhead; king salmon runs peak from May through October.'
  23. 'Pregnant women and women thinking of becoming pregnant should avoid eating swordfish, shark, king mackerel and tile fish.'
  24. 'While I was in the lake, little fishes would nibble softly on my toes, beside me slid a beautiful California king snake and a bird swooped down to his prey.'
The most important chess piece, of which each player has one, which the opponent has to checkmate in order to win. The king can move in any direction, including diagonally, to any adjacent square that is not attacked by an opponent's piece or pawn.
  1. 'Given that the black king, in chess, is sometimes allowed to move diagonally by one square, it follows that there are chess pieces that are sometimes allowed to move diagonally by one square.'
  2. 'Saaski moved his pawn to the final square and exchanged it for a queen, checkmating the king, who was hemmed in by his own defensive perimeter.'
  3. 'The holographic representation of his opponent looked smug as it calmly checkmated his king again.'
  4. 'The Black pawn could only be stopped from queening by allowing a drawn king and pawn endgame.'
  5. 'I chose the equal of two evils and moved my king into inevitable checkmate.'
  6. 'Any human player, however, would have moved the king anyway, because there is the chance that an imperfect opponent might not have seen this mating sequence.'
  7. 'Sunis's rook and pawn prevented his king from escaping.'
  8. 'The king is behind the pawn as in the earlier examples and this is a draw!'
  9. 'The first king to move must therefore step back from his pawn, leaving him no longer able to protect it (the rules of chess forbid the kings moving within one square of each other).'
  10. 'The object of the game is to checkmate your opponent's king.'
  11. 'The men move and take as at draughts, except that in capturing they move either forwards or backwards like a draught king.'
  12. 'You place the ace one of your face down cards, the two kings on another and the two jacks on the third.'
  13. 'Cards can turn the corner - for example on an ace you can play a two or a king.'
  14. 'Most tricks in game contracts are won by trumps or side suit kings.'
  15. 'Similarly, even if you pick up two kings or queens your quatorze is likely to be beaten by a quatorze of Aces.'
  16. 'And if you happen to catch an ace or a king, that's likely to win the pot too.'
  17. 'This can only be bid by the dealer, and is only allowed if the dealer holds the ace, king and deuce of trumps.'
  18. 'Now John needed an ace or a king to come up on one of the next two cards.'
  19. 'In the event of two people holding cards of the same value (2 aces, 2 kings, etc.), they both start.'
  20. 'Most of the things I threw in the circular file, but one thing that caught my attention, was a magnet that looked exactly like the king of hearts playing card.'
  21. 'Could he have a pair of kings in the hole, or perhaps the case ace?'


Make (someone) king.
  1. 'Macbeth was kinged after murdering.'
Act in an unpleasantly superior and domineering way.
  1. 'science kings it over the realm of intellectual discourse'
  2. 'They found Tom kinging it over a realm of meat chunks.'

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1. a male sovereign or monarch; a man who holds by life tenure, and usually by hereditary right, the chief authority over a country and people.

2. (initial capital letter) God or Christ.

3. a person or thing preeminent in its class: a king of actors.

4. a playing card bearing a picture of a king.

5. Chess. the chief piece of each color, whose checkmating is the object of the game; moved one square at a time in any direction.

6. Checkers. a piece that has been moved entirely across

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Old English cyning, cyng, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch koning and German König, also to kin.


live like a king (or queen)