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Having a kind and sympathetic nature.
  1. 'a kind-hearted local shopkeeper'
  2. 'It just shows that you're a kind-hearted person, and that you care deeply about other people.'
  3. 'Born in Clooncormack, Hollymount she was kind-hearted by nature and generous to all and will be missed by her relations and neighbours.'
  4. 'The mother of a disabled Trowbridge girl is overwhelmed by the number of kind-hearted people who have offered to help pay for a new wheelchair for her daughter.'
  5. 'Those physically incapable of working can be sheltered in state-run homes with the support of the rich and the kind-hearted.'
  6. 'For the past 20 years, kind-hearted Pat has dedicated her spare time to cheering up patients in Salisbury.'
  7. 'I like my Chemistry teacher, she's really warm and kind-hearted!'
  8. 'A kind-hearted man understood and took her to the blind school.'
  9. 'Hundreds of kind-hearted people across Bury have joined the national NHS Organ Donor Register thanks to a council initiative.'
  10. 'A village has been inundated with Christmas trees after kind-hearted locals answered an appeal.'
  11. 'Norma will not be going far after kind-hearted bosses allowed the hard-working mother of two to carry on living on at the complex with her husband, Geoff.'



1. having or showing sympathy or kindness: a kindhearted woman.

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"people can be kind-hearted."

"intentions can be kind-hearted."

"readers can be kind-hearted."

"friends can be kind-hearted."

"creatures can be kind-hearted."

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