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An act of causing death, especially deliberately.
  1. mass noun 'years of killing and destruction'
  2. 'Murder, including serial killings, fall under the jurisdiction of state authorities.'
  3. 'But they are quick to seize on other killings to try to justify the occupation.'
  4. 'The village of Murma is in shock over the brutal killings of two young boys by their teacher.'
  5. 'From now on things worsened with killings and bombings almost a regular occurrence.'
  6. 'Vernon ends up taking the rap for the killings and is sentenced to death.'
  7. 'Scotland Yard do not connect the present murders with those earlier killings.'
  8. 'There are documented cases of rape as a tool of war, mass killings and kidnappings.'
  9. 'Between them they have amassed hundreds of years in sentences and committed numerous killings.'
  10. 'It is a poison which has only ever been used for one-on-one killings and attempted killings.'
  11. 'Extra police and troops were at once moved into the area but it is feared that more killings are likely.'


Causing death.
  1. 'First we had the privilege of enjoying Baise-Moi, a tale of female empowerment through an orgiastic killing spree, that failed to disturb simply because it was so shockingly bad.'
  2. 'Yes, I know it's hard to believe we had nature's fastest and most perfect killing machine nesting mere yards from us and we got fascinated by heron feet.'
  3. 'They thought they could teach me to be the ultimate killing machine if they'd beat me to death.'
  4. 'States, led by the killing machines of Texas and Florida, are putting to death women, children, the sick, and the mentally ill.'
  5. 'Police found that Huang would tempt his victims into lying on the killing machine and suddenly strangle them to death with a strap.'
  6. 'A pair of Staffordshire Terrier crosses mauled three cats to death and attacked a woman during a horrific killing spree on a Southampton estate.'
  7. 'These were the prototypes for the death camps, and refinement of systematic killing methods for large numbers of people was part of the deal.'
  8. 'Those who did not starve to death were murdered in specially designed killing centres.'
  9. 'Sights like this, a whale beached off Cairns, found with six square metres of plastic in its body cavity, have caused outrage at the killing capacity of the plastic bag.'
  10. 'Cancer is one of the four big killing diseases in childhood; after leukaemia, tumours of the central nervous system are the most common cancers in childhood.'
Exhausting or unbearable.
  1. 'DH is the supervisor of the maintenance area and is having problems keeping people, and the killing schedule is a big part of the reason.'
  2. 'Fatigue is the killing weight of expectation; and that burden is another good reason for fearing the worst.'


1. the act of a person or thing that kill.

2. the total game killed on a hunt.

3. a quick and unusually large profit or financial gain: a killing in the stock market. adjective

4. that kills.

5. exhausting: a killing pace.

6. Informal. irresistibly funny.

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"people can be killing."

"palestinians can be killing."

"moslems can be killing."

"civilians can be killing."

"twos can be killing."

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