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Cause the death of (a person, animal, or other living thing)
  1. no object 'a robber armed with a shotgun who kills in cold blood'
  2. 'The dust contains compounds and organisms that are damaging and probably killing the living coral.'
  3. 'Tuna boats, for example, often kill sharks, turtles, and dolphins that get trapped in their nets.'
  4. 'A teenage boy was killed in the crossfire, and two soldiers were wounded.'
  5. 'I have thoughts of killing myself but would not carry them out.'
  6. 'What does appal me is when overfed and bored domestic cats torture and kill birds for pleasure.'
  7. 'Insecticides will kill the butterfly larvae as well as the aphids, so allow ladybugs time to eliminate them.'
  8. 'Some 250,000 sea birds were killed and the local fishing industry was devastated.'
  9. 'He was tragically killed in an accident while serving with our forces overseas.'
  10. 'He paid tribute to the two soldiers killed in the crash.'
  11. 'Licenses to kill marine mammals trying to eat farmed fish can be obtained from the department for $5.'
  12. 'The old Mini was effectively killed off in 1999 by safety and emissions regulations.'
  13. 'Eventually the tumours were killed off by high-tech laser surgery.'
  14. 'Environmentalists who have studied the effects of river pollution are sceptical of claims that all wildlife is killed off.'
  15. 'All animals that could not be made to perform some sort of service to society were completely killed off.'
  16. 'One book that is covered here has been indirectly responsible for millions of people being killed off.'
  17. 'Since the character was killed off five years ago, things are now much worse.'
  18. 'TV detective Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse, played by John Thaw, was killed off last Wednesday.'
  19. 'The writers typically kill them off in an unexplained accident - like a car crash, or falling off a horse.'
  20. 'It even poaches the ending of its predecessor, when all the characters are killed off in the final episode.'
  21. 'Or maybe it didn't give you enough time to care about the characters before it started killing them off.'
  22. 'the lambs kill out at 20 kg deadweight'
  23. 'They killed out at over 270 kg carcase weight at 15-16 months, and all graded ‘O’.'
  24. 'Now that the weight limit has been lifted, there is an interesting technical advantage to be gained for those big continental cows that may kill out at over 50 pc.'
Put an end to or cause the failure or defeat of (something)
  1. 'Unfortunately, the Tunnel was killed off when the military feared that it might be used as an invasion route.'
  2. 'A few corporations got to buy a few favours from the government, but the schemes had largely collapsed by the time they were killed off.'
  3. 'Authorities' failure to kill the counterfeits is in part because the vendors have found a way around the system.'
  4. 'The Scottish parliament could proceed with the bill despite a recommendation by the committee to kill it.'
  5. 'Scotland's once great steel industry was virtually killed off with the closure of Ravenscraig in 1992.'
  6. 'The California measure was killed in committee, but the industry has had little time to celebrate.'
  7. 'A no vote by Chile could kill plans for granting it the same access to the US market that Canada and Mexico now enjoy.'
  8. 'Nevertheless, it does mean we're in for a tedious few months as the singles sales chart is finally killed off.'
  9. 'Earlier schemes for their redevelopment were killed off by the property downturn of 1990-93.'
  10. 'In another attempt to keep the pace moving, the committee voted to kill radio and television timeouts in overtime.'
  11. 'Why I should have the right to kill a malicious process on your machine'
  12. 'It also defeats all known firewalls, killing the running process, replacing the firewall icon, and allowing a stealth FTP connection.'
  13. 'Running top and killing the process via top didn't work either.'
  14. 'As the boat reaches the GPS coordinates for Table Top, a rise in the ocean floor southwest of Tatoosh Island, Anderson kills the motor.'
  15. 'I ticked halfway down this service road and stopped the van and killed the lights.'
  16. 'So I saved the space by killing all the widow lines; I could cut a word and save a line.'
  17. 'That makes it difficult for such users to commit themselves to deleting files and decisions have to be made about what files to kill and what files to keep.'
  18. 'When the ball came off my foot on the 50-yard try, I knew I had enough distance because I killed the ball.'
  19. 'A long ball in from Ball was killed by the Dutchman, who turned and hit it beyond the helpless Arthur.'
  20. 'the sauce would kill the taste of the herbs'
  21. 'The trick is to kill pest insects without killing the taste or texture of the food they infest.'
  22. 'The incessant spread of globalization is killing the very qualities of distinctiveness and diversity of our differing cultures that make this world such a special place to live in.'
  23. 'This is corporate committee think, and committees always kill creativity.'
  24. 'They killed the bottle in half an hour.'
Overwhelm (someone) with an emotion.
  1. 'There's another 4 days left on that and the suspense is killing me!'
  2. 'The suspense is killing me, I have to know if he will choose to leave or not!'
  3. 'I've emailed her a few times to let her know I'm available, but she just deletes me and the rejection is killing me!'
  4. 'Ana couldn't contain herself any longer, the suspense was killing her, she had to ask him, she just had to.'
  5. 'I'm currently waiting for so much stuff, the suspense is killing me.'
  6. 'I think the suspense is going to kill me before Saturday!'
  7. 'I killed myself carrying those things home'
  8. 'I'm tired of chasing technology, literally killing myself every two years to come out with a new product.'
  9. 'Sir Walter Scott nearly killed himself writing enough to pay for his home.'
  10. 'my boss will kill me for saying this'
  11. 'These pro-abortion people kill me - they all act as if the most important thing is making abortion safe.'
  12. 'It kills me how people buy these things and spout about how safe they are.'
  13. 'my feet are killing me'
  14. 'There is no electricity, no water, the heat is killing us.'
  15. 'But at least the new scenarios don't kill you trying to keep guests happy.'
Pass (time, or a specified amount of it), typically while waiting for a particular event.
  1. 'With hours still to kill, he's lurking around the station when Walker passes.'
  2. 'On a holiday or on business and have few hours to kill and want to spend it well?'
  3. 'Sunday came - the sun splitting the stones - and we had a few hours to kill before heading for Molly Ryan's to see the minor game.'
  4. 'This sometimes-excruciating process usually kills a half-day, and this visit was no exception.'
  5. 'He only became aware of that when he felt that all he had been doing was trying to kill the excessive spare time he had on his hands.'


An act of killing, especially of one animal by another.
  1. 'But many hunts say there are enough options within the law to allow foxes, hares and deer to be legally chased by hounds, though guns may be used for the kill.'
  2. 'You know, no one likes to see a kill, really, in Africa, but that's what nature does.'
  3. 'Commemorate your first confirmed kill with a combat patch!'
  4. 'I was brought up in Shropshire, so I know all about fox hunting and saw them setting off, all excited, ready for the kill.'
  5. 'Had he taken the time to do this before, he would easily have made a kill during his journey that day, as the valley was rich with wildlife.'
  6. 'The sport itself is not in the kill, but in the chase.'
  7. 'There is little thrill of the chase, but some quiet satisfaction after the kill.'
  8. '"There are a lot of ways for an easier, quicker kill," he began.'
  9. 'Some soldiers reportedly participated in a contest over who would make the first confirmed kill after the company was redeployed.'
  10. 'Which points to the whole serial killer thing: he likes the kill.'
  11. 'When news of the kill reached the Indians on the beach, they organized a celebration at their community centre seven miles away.'
  12. 'This was how he had learned to be able to keep a kill for himself.'
  13. 'Given a continuing rise in the kill over the past two weeks, parity with the weekly kill in 2004 will be reached by the middle of this month.'
  14. 'The bullock kill was 14,028 head compared to 16,767 head the same week last year.'
  15. 'The throughput at the processors for January and February peaked in 1999 with a kill of 348,000 head.'
  16. 'Pups are dependent on regurgitation until they can follow the hunting party and feed directly at the kill.'
  17. 'On the main road, I speak with two rangers who have stopped to observe a wolf kill left next to the river.'
  18. 'Then the kill is cut up and divided among members of the boat clan, as well as the sail-makers and boatbuilders.'
  19. 'The overall kill at the factories for the week was slightly down which could have had an effect on holding prices, but clearly that did not happen.'
  20. 'But as the scent from the fresh kill drifted towards them, the predators gave way to its intoxicating nature.'
  21. 'The indications are that there is still a strong supply of these older cattle in the system and that the kill is likely to hold up for some weeks yet.'
  22. 'the engagement resulted in fifty-one tank kills'
  23. 'Three of the aircraft that scored MiG kills were older Mirages.'
  24. 'There seems to be at least one confirmed kill of an enemy plane with such a rifle.'


(in place names, especially in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania) a stream, creek, or tributary.
  1. 'As the ridges began to recede from the river, kills flowed down to expend themselves in the Hudson.'

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1. to deprive of life in any manner; cause the death of; slay.Synonyms: slaughter, massacre, butcher; hang, electrocute, behead, guillotine, strangle, garrote; assassinate.

2. to destroy; do away with; extinguish: His response killed our hopes.

3. to destroy or neutralize the active qualities of: to kill an odor.

4. to spoil the effect of: His extra brushwork killed the painting.

5. to cause (time) to be consumed with seeming rapidity or with a minimum of

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"people can be killed of people."

"people can be killed in places."

"people can be killed in conflicts."

"people can be killed in/at/on years."

"people can be killed since starts."

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(kill)Mid 17th century: from Dutch kil, from Middle Dutch kille ‘riverbed, channel’.


be in at the kill
go (or move in or close in) for the kill
if it kills one
kill oneself laughing
kill or cure
kill two birds with one stone
kill someone with (or by) kindness