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A strong cotton or wool fabric of a dull brownish-yellow colour, used especially in military clothing.
  1. as modifier 'a regulation-issue khaki overall'
  2. 'Jack charged into St Andrew's House at 7am wearing a khaki jacket and a military hard-hat.'
  3. 'They walked into town wearing khaki uniforms, each had a bold colour patch on his back to identify his status.'
  4. 'The bauxite in the soil gives the ground a distinct red colour and you cannot avoid covering your khaki boots in the red dust.'
  5. 'They always used to issue us with khaki overalls and leather gloves.'
  6. 'Day in and day out the men in khaki lay down their lives for the call of duty.'
  7. 'His all-time favourite was a little World War One khaki cloth package containing picture postcards.'
  8. 'For a while, in those early days, Bolton seemed like a garrison town, the streets full of men in khaki.'
  9. 'His was in drab khaki, like that supplied to the military.'
  10. 'He was hooked nonetheless, and the cloth was abandoned for khaki.'
  11. 'Much to the amusement of the car driver, the man in khaki fished out a couple of hundred rupee notes towards compensation.'
  12. 'Branson never wears a suit and tie; he prefers old jeans or khakis with sports shirts.'
  13. 'He prefers wearing khakis and sweaters to wearing pinstripes and suspenders.'
  14. 'I normally wear them to the gym but I also put them on with jeans, khakis, or cargos for a casual weekend look.'
  15. 'You can dress it up with khakis and a dress shirt, or just toss it over some jeans and a hoodie.'
  16. 'It is also important to have several pairs of khakis, in black, brown, dark blue and beige.'
  17. 'He was casually dressed in a blue sweater over a dress shirt and khakis.'
  18. 'I was surprised to see a young man, wearing khakis and a white polo shirt, standing there smiling at me.'
  19. 'Every woman loves a man in his khakis and every man will love how easy these are to match.'
  20. 'The chairman wore his now trademark open-necked blue shirt, blue blazer and khakis.'
  21. 'She opened it to find Tyler on the doorstep, dressed in khakis and a yellow polo shirt.'
A dull greenish or brownish-yellow colour.
  1. 'He was wearing a hot pink polo shirt, khaki shorts, and his legs were white as a ghost.'
  2. 'The boys looked smart in their uniforms of white shorts, khaki trousers and red sashes.'
  3. 'Mitch looked pretty good with his hair gelled up, and a black button up shirt, and a pair of cut off khaki shorts.'
  4. 'Some ladies however prefer to go neutral in warm beige, sand and khaki combinations.'
  5. 'He had his right hand shoved in the pocket of his khaki shorts and was wearing only one white sock, on his right foot.'
  6. 'He took in her appearance: a black tank top with a pair of khaki shorts smeared with grass stains.'
  7. 'In a quick decision, she chose a pair of khaki cargo shorts and a plain black t-shirt.'
  8. 'Today Jim came in wearing his traditional red t-shirt and a pair of calf length khaki shorts.'
  9. 'I had put on my simple blue bikini and covered the bottoms with a pair of short khaki shorts.'
  10. 'I was wearing my long strawberry dress and Benny was wearing his khaki shorts and a blue polo shirt.'

More definitions

1. dull yellowish brown.

2. a stout, twilled cotton cloth of this color, used especially in making uniforms.

3. Usually, khakis. (used with a plural verb) a uniform made of this cloth, especially a military uniform. a garment made of this cloth, especially trousers.

4. a similar fabric of wool. adjective

5. of the color khaki.

6. made of khaki.

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"cars can be khaki with crosses."

"uniforms can be khaki."

"pants can be khaki."

"shirts can be khaki."

"shorts can be khaki."

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Mid 19th century: from Urdu khākī ‘dust-coloured’, from khāk ‘dust’, from Persian.