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The action or fact of owning, maintaining, or protecting something.
  1. in combination 'careful record-keeping is needed'
  2. 'Each piece of legislation inevitably presents another bundle of bureaucracy in the form of record keeping and administration - and additional costs.'
  3. 'No matter what job search strategies you choose, follow-up and record keeping are important for success.'
  4. 'Their main task was game keeping, restoration of the game populations and reaching of admissible reserves of the separate types of game.'
  5. 'He's given some to his most trusted companions for safe keeping, transferred some to more secret and more protected hiding places.'
  6. 'The economics of small-time pig keeping were simple and profitable.'
  7. 'We wanted to commend our operations, our loved ones and ourselves to God's care and keeping.'

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1. agreement or conformity in things or elements associated together: His actions are not in keeping with his words.

2. the act of a person or thing that keeps; observance, custody, or care.

3. maintenance or keep.

4. holding, reserving, or retaining.

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"pressures can be keeping."

"products can be keeping."

"prices can be keeping."

"interests can be keeping."

"rates can be keeping."

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in someone's keeping
in (or out of) keeping with