Adjective "keenly" definition and examples

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In an eager or enthusiastic manner.
  1. 'people are keenly watching the developments'
  2. 'Collections often contained actual inscribed stones or other objects, but drawings were also keenly collected.'
  3. 'The film is already one of the most keenly anticipated of the Festival.'
  4. 'Individual plates are now keenly sought by collectors with small and large budgets.'
  5. 'French accounts of Roman history were keenly read by the Revolutionaries.'
  6. 'Further developments are keenly awaited.'
  1. 'Scientists are keenly interested in learning which substances make fruits and vegetables so healthful.'
  2. 'His detached (apparently absent-minded) demeanor masks a keenly observant mind.'
  3. 'There's something keenly nostalgic in his films, tweaked here by the lead actor's melancholy presence.'
  4. 'There's no doubt that the film is dark, but it's also keenly observed and very, very funny in its own weird way.'
  5. 'The artist sheds the limitations of style to see more keenly the beauty and promise of the landscape and to preserve its power to delight.'
Cheaply; competitively.
  1. 'It is about selling wearable, keenly priced clothes to sophisticated, discerning consumers who want something they'll still be wearing in years to come.'
  2. 'Does that not show how keenly you have to price your products in order to increase your market share?'
  3. 'The wines, like the food, are keenly priced.'

More definitions

1. finely sharpened, as an edge; so shaped as to cut or pierce substances readily: a keen razor.

2. sharp, piercing, or biting: a keen wind; keen satire.

3. characterized by strength and distinctness of perception; extremely sensitive or responsive: keen eyes; keen ears.

4. having or showing great mental penetration or acumen: keen reasoning; a keen mind.

5. animated by or showing strong feeling or desire: keen competition.

6. intense, as feeling

More examples(as adjective)

"senses can be keenly."