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Having or showing eagerness or enthusiasm.
  1. 'John was keen to help'
  2. 'By all accounts it was the usual huge success, with keen gardeners coming from all around to stock up on plants and gardening paraphernalia.'
  3. 'Since we were keen to try their range of fish, we avoided ordering directly from the menu and instead asked for a special platter to be made up.'
  4. 'Jamie, who has been a keen rally enthusiast since his early teens, is said to be making good progress despite the extensive injuries he sustained.'
  5. 'The community includes some ex-offenders and takes referrals from the prison service, but charity chiefs were keen to point out that a whole range of people live there.'
  6. 'The areas round the house, where the borders are filled with herbaceous plants, were the territory of his wife, Elisabeth, an equally keen gardener, who died last year.'
  7. 'They are keen to receive some tips on toilet training for Emily, who's three.'
  8. 'The keen gardener, who has had an allotment for nearly seven years, said his plot had vegetables ripped up, tools thrown around and specialist plant frames smashed.'
  9. 'This will be a unique opportunity for keen gardeners to buy rare and unusual plants, many of which are not obtainable from local garden centres.'
  10. 'Mr Henry is also a computer enthusiast and a keen motorcyclist.'
  11. 'The record was mostly recorded in a residential studio, as the band were keen to distance themselves from the distractions of everyday life.'
  12. 'If you are not keen on feta, use something else crumbly, such as Cheshire or Lancashire cheese.'
  13. 'They are strict on discipline, keen on manners and don't tend to remain adventurous for long.'
  14. 'Both Van and I are keen on the idea of investing for the future, especially now we've got Alex.'
  15. 'I know few jobbing hacks in London who were keen on this particular assignment.'
  16. 'If you're really not keen on cooking outdoors, take all your supplies with you.'
  17. 'I wasn't madly keen on the upholstery but the padding was effective and molded to my back quickly.'
  18. 'I've never been too keen on hot weather and with my illness it drains me even more.'
  19. 'As a child, I was actually rather keen on the idea of spending a night in hospital.'
  20. 'He told me that people in his country are very keen on promoting peace and friendship.'
  21. 'Advocates of social software are keen on seeking alternatives to mainstream politics.'
(of a sense) highly developed.
  1. 'With their poor eyesight and keen sense of smell, they can get dangerously close.'
  2. 'The sense of smell is keen and the snout is used to probe when searching for food.'
  3. 'Its sight is marvellously keen, hearing exceedingly acute, and sense of smell wonderfully perfect.'
  4. 'They have keen hearing and good senses of vision and smell.'
  5. 'Most ray-finned fishes have keen hearing ability and sound production is common but not universal.'
  6. 'Deer are extremely cautious animals with keen senses of smell and hearing.'
  7. 'In her latter years she suffered from failing eyesight and hearing but her other faculties remained keen and right to the end Mrs Rawlings retained an amazing memory of her life.'
  8. 'her keen intellect'
  9. 'Of course, it takes a keen military intellect to understand the strategic importance of blowing up empty buildings.'
  10. 'I was pleased with the fact that the court appeared to me to have a keen sense of understanding of what I thought were the critical issues.'
  11. 'To her friends she is Karen, the self-assured and bright young woman, with a keen wit and plenty to say.'
  12. 'His sharp insights are conveyed through keen intelligence, humor, and wit.'
  13. 'Harriet has the keen judgment and discerning intellect necessary to be an outstanding Counsel.'
  14. 'She also developed a keen sense of the future of research.'
  15. 'He's made it to the top of his profession on his own terms, armed with a sharp intellect, a rakish charm, keen wit and passionate belief in justice.'
  16. '‘Feminine reason’ was about common sense and a keen perception of the everyday.'
  17. 'So it followed naturally that she would later use her sharp eye, keen intelligence, and inquisitive nature to create stories about the people and things she observed.'
(of the edge or point of a blade) sharp.
  1. 'He swept his black blade around in a flat, horizontal arc, watching in satisfaction as the keen edge drew nearer and nearer to Anya's midsection.'
  2. 'The knife was at her throat, its keen edge pressed against her larynx.'
  3. 'I stared at the knife in my hand for a long time, turning it over and over in my hands, admiring the keen edge and the gleaming metal that made the blade.'
  4. 'This is quality steel that takes and holds a keen edge.'
  5. 'Emma remembered when Rae had pressed the keen edge of the sword against her throat.'
  6. 'The dagger followed after and she leaned back to escape its bite but its keen edge sliced along her cheek, doing minimal damage.'
  7. 'The day was blessed with bright sunshine, although a keen wind cut through Windsor's streets.'
  8. 'The steering arm thrums under their hand, the deck heaves beneath their feet and the keen salt wind cuts like a knife through even a good sealskin cloak.'
  9. 'ear-splitting explosive bursts, keen and sharp'
(of activity or feeling) intense.
  1. 'Among Earnhardt's many passions was a keen love of deer hunting, fishing, and recreational activities.'
  2. 'Energy specialists project keen competition in Hungary by several foreign enterprises.'
  3. 'The military, of course, took a keen interest in ensuring that all news was published ‘in the spirit of nationalism’.'
  4. 'The early exchanges were keen and only excellent defending by Castlecomer prevented Tralee capitalising on a number of offensive moves.'
  5. 'Lara will again lead the team in this weekend's encounter, which promises to provide keen competition.'
  6. 'Auction results consistently show that there is a keen demand here in Ireland for contemporary art at affordable prices by both Irish and international artists.'
  7. 'Once again a very keen and competitive atmosphere was enhanced by the good weather.'
  8. 'The league is set to provide a lot of interest and keen competition among the enthusiasts.'
  9. 'I await the outcome of this potentially interesting conference with keen anticipation.'
  10. 'we offer extremely keen rates'
  11. 'If they find it impossible to source local Irish produce at keen prices, they must ship in much of their supplies from England and the continent.'
  12. 'Many Italian merchants ship internationally and at keen prices so it pays to do some leg work.'
  13. 'They will stock a huge range of toys at keen prices.'
  14. 'Prices will be announced closer to launch date but if the new 1.6 litre diesel can be sold at a keen price, it will be the clear winner.'
  15. 'And then there is the possibility of tasting, and buying wines direct from the source, which may involve keen prices and/or acquiring rarities.'
  16. 'You get the opportunity to enter a short description and you can see what other people are selling their copies for, giving you the opportunity to set a keen price if you want.'
  17. 'Ex-company cars at two to three years old can represent very good value for money if bought at keen prices, as they will have been serviced regularly under a lease plan.'
  18. 'Whether they will be able to keep offering such keen prices if the banks become more cautious about property lending remains to be seen.'
  19. 'It makes no bones about offering reasonable food, at a keen price with friendly service.'
  20. 'Prices are keen but beware that entry models have neither sun roof nor air conditioning.'


    Wail in grief for a dead person.
    1. 'their keening womenfolk'
    2. 'Act Three ends powerfully, with the village in flames, good Soviet citizens hanging by their necks, and keening women, including one who is given a ‘mad scene’ of sorts.'
    3. 'She could hear voices speaking in soothing tones, but Anna keened and wailed, and Kathleen tried not to imagine the scene on the other side of the door.'
    4. 'the keening of the cold night wind'
    5. 'The keening sound of the upper strings provides a lasting memorial for those departed.'
    6. 'At 2:30 this morning I awakened suddenly from a sound sleep convinced I'd heard a keening cry.'
    7. 'Their songs have a certain keening shrillness that will leave all but the hardiest nerves frazzled and jangling.'
    8. 'His pleasantly keening voice is just not enough.'
    9. 'As the van engine was switched off, a faint keening sound was audible from the back of the vehicle.'
    10. 'The band's signature sound comprises spacey vibes and keening tones, laced through with breathy flute, a lot of struck guitar and very little regular rhythm.'
    11. 'She bent over and began to rock back and forth, and there was this keening sound that turned my whole body to ice, because no creature should ever have to be in this much pain.'
    12. 'The opening song places keening flutes and whispered vocal over an insistent pulse of clay drums and thumb pianos, punctuated by occasional bursts of talking drum.'
    13. 'People naturally respond to the diminutive sax man's keening sound, funky rhythms and bluesy riffs.'
    14. 'Odd noises, strange instruments, keening vocals; its tunes wind themselves around your heart like drifting smoke.'


    An Irish funeral song accompanied by wailing in lamentation for the dead.


      1. finely sharpened, as an edge; so shaped as to cut or pierce substances readily: a keen razor.

      2. sharp, piercing, or biting: a keen wind; keen satire.

      3. characterized by strength and distinctness of perception; extremely sensitive or responsive: keen eyes; keen ears.

      4. having or showing great mental penetration or acumen: keen reasoning; a keen mind.

      5. animated by or showing strong feeling or desire: keen competition.

      6. intense, as feeling

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      "people can be keen on things."

      "people can be keen on people."

      "people can be keen on ideas."

      "places can be keen on things."

      "people can be keen for people."

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      (keen)Mid 19th century: from Irish caoinim ‘I wail’.


      (as) keen as mustard