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A Japanese manufacturing system in which the supply of components is regulated through the use of an instruction card sent along the production line.
  1. 'In short, this is automated ‘pull’ capabilities leading toward real-time vendor managed inventory and kanban processing.'
  2. 'Eiji and Ohno came up with the kanban system of labeling, an early precursor to bar codes, to keep the flow of parts smooth.'
  3. 'Furthermore, there is no room in the plant to stockpile bodies (or completed cars for that matter), just a marked off area in front of the loading dock that acts as a kanban; it holds only enough bodies to fill the next trailer.'
  4. 'When the kanbans are full, the preceding operation stops producing until a kanban space is once again available.'
  5. 'Participants will learn how to develop and deploy kanbans for real-time shop floor production scheduling and inventory management.'
  6. 'The inventory database would become more important, since the data printed on the kanban cards was being reduced to a bar-code label.'

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1. a just-in-time method of inventory control, originally developed in Japanese automobile factories.

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"systems can be kanban."

"methods can be kanban."

"chairmen can be kanban."


1970s: Japanese, literally ‘billboard, sign’.