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A garment incorporating trousers and a sleeved top in one piece, worn as a fashion item, protective garment, or uniform.
  1. 'He zipped up the black jumpsuit and gathered up as much ammo as he could carry.'
  2. 'He was wearing a white jumpsuit with some weird silver symbol on the shoulder.'
  3. 'I was dressed in a black jumpsuit, a black coat, and black pants.'
  4. 'I had the cloths for various jobs and classes, brown jumpsuits of workers, white business suits, yellow lab coats, and an array of green service outfits.'
  5. 'Lauren has regularly used band collars, epaulets, braid, pea coats, aviators' jumpsuits, and military tailoring as signs of crisp, effective women's attire.'
  6. 'He wore clothing that looked like a cross between a tuxedo and a jumpsuit.'
  7. 'Trade in her hideous orange jumpsuit for her usual couture!'
  8. 'One example was dressing hostages in orange jumpsuits to mimic U.S. treatment of detainees.'
  9. 'As the man got to his feet, firm muscles were outlined beneath the jumpsuit's sleeves.'
  10. 'Some changed back into their uniform jumpsuits, but most just stayed in their underclothing.'

More definitions

1. a one-piece suit worn by parachutists for jumping.

2. a garment fashioned after this, usually combining a shirt or bodice with shorts or trousers in one piece.

More examples(as adjective)

"shoes can be jumpsuits."

"backs can be jumpsuits."

"arms can be jumpsuits."


(jumpsuit)1940s (originally US): so named because it was first used to denote a parachutist's garment.