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Definitions and examples


Push oneself off a surface and into the air by using the muscles in one's legs and feet.
  1. 'he jumped twenty-five feet to the ground'
  2. 'Since the other boys are doubtful, Finn takes off his clothes, climbs the tree and gleefully jumps off one of its branches, landing in the river below.'
  3. 'I don't think it was a foul because I just jumped up with him and he fell over.'
  4. 'Yet relative to body size, fleas jump 150 times their height - the equivalent of a human jumping about 1,000 feet.'
  5. 'All the kids started jumping up and down and cheering and waving.'
  6. 'Despite jumping about 12 feet to the ground, Lee Hammond, 18, suffered only mild effects of smoke inhalation and declined to be taken to hospital.'
  7. 'Suddenly a young man jumped on to the podium and started playing his guitar and singing.'
  8. 'But he soon found himself soaked with icy water, after jumping over a fifteen foot wall to reach the narrow riverbank.'
  9. 'I enjoyed the attitude of their lead singer, who walked on stage with a cigarette in one hand, a beer in the other, then later on proceeded to jump over the sound barrier to join the crowd.'
  10. 'She purred, rubbing her head on Holly's leg as she passed, and jumped up onto the table.'
  11. 'The burglar then jumped 30 feet to freedom out of a window.'
  12. 'Visitors are ignoring numerous written and verbal warnings not to exit the building, and are jumping barriers or opening fire exits to get on to the mountain.'
  13. 'Initial police reports suggested that he jumped the ticket barrier and ran onto the train.'
  14. 'There are hurdles still to be jumped: possible EC and Department of Justice inquiries or rejection of the deal by the shareholders.'
  15. 'The horse comfortably jumped the final fence and won by 10 lengths as favourite Ibis Rochelais failed to keep pace.'
  16. 'Should the 12-year-old negotiate the track safely, he will break the record for the number of National fences ever jumped by one horse.'
  17. 'Bertha Jones said she saw officers chasing the suspect across the street where he jumped an iron gate and put his hands in the air as if to surrender.'
  18. 'Napster also still has to jump some serious legal hurdles to guarantee its future.'
  19. 'If avian flu manages to jump the species barrier completely then it's going to spread extremely rapidly.'
  20. 'Hedgehunter - loves Aintree and jumps effortlessly around the course.'
  21. 'Mullins was delighted that the decision to send him to the front early worked, and the horse jumped brilliantly.'
  22. 'Two riders jumped steady clears to finish ahead of Joanne, but she held on to the third ticket after an agonising wait.'
  23. 'On top of that, I was upset because we'd just gone four miles and the horse had jumped really well.'
  24. '‘He was beaten by a very good horse but he jumped well and battled well,’ he said.'
  25. 'We have some good riders, they all jumped well today and we expect a good placing tomorrow if not a win.'
  26. 'pre-tax profits jumped from £51,000 to £1.03 million'
  27. 'Over the past 18 months, the total number of jobs at the business and technology park jumped from 150 to 400.'
  28. 'The price of gold jumped $7 an ounce in a single trading session.'
  29. 'The price of oil jumped again yesterday, but was still trading just off its all-time high of $44.77 reached last Friday.'
  30. 'The index jumped 3.1 percent on Tuesday, one day after the election.'
  31. 'Immediately after the storm, gas prices jumped as much as 50 cents per gallon in some areas.'
  32. 'The price of oil jumped higher yesterday amid increased tension in the Middle East - giving rise to fears of higher prices at the pumps.'
  33. 'China's property prices jumped 11 percent in the first five months of the year as the economy expands.'
  34. 'Tyre production in May this year increased by 10 per cent as against the same month last year, with exports jumping by 62 per cent.'
  35. 'The earnings of gold-mining companies should jump if the price of gold rises.'
  36. 'If his predictions are correct, he believes turnover at the centre will jump from £16 million in the first year to £200 million in year five.'
  37. 'It's bustling enough by day, but by night the joint is jumping.'
  38. 'I had an email earlier today from my friend Mariella in Auckland, who says that the place is jumping with the extra people come into town for the Big Day Out.'
  39. 'Well get down to the Dooney some night this week, because the place is literally jumping with the best music and craic around.'
  40. 'The place was jumping, yes a little bit over crowded, and slightly pretentious, but that just added to the atmosphere.'
  41. 'The place is always jumping and the energy is vibrant.'
  42. 'It's nine o'clock on a beautiful Friday evening in Leith, but the joint isn't jumping.'
  43. 'While the place was jumping and filled with appreciative listeners, the rest of the pub, with its sad Sky TV and pool table, was an echoing canyon.'
  44. 'On Saturday evening, this place was jumping!'
  45. 'But the joint was jumping, a number of people were already there and more were expected.'
  46. 'she jumped at least seven red lights'
  47. 'The widow of a man killed when an articulated lorry jumped traffic lights and ploughed into his car said today nine months jail for the driver was ‘lenient’.'
  48. 'The next time you decide to jump a red light, the prying eyes of the law may not be the only ones to be wary of.'
  49. 'Now, instead of concentrating on speeders and drivers jumping red lights, the officers will focus on muggers and thugs.'
  50. 'A CAB firm has called for a speed camera to be investigated after 12 drivers were clocked jumping a red traffic light - at zero miles per hour.'
  51. 'Motorists jump red lights and get stuck on level crossings.'
  52. 'Leigh's car was seen driving at high speeds close to another car and both vehicles jumped a red light.'
  53. 'Another idea is placing cameras on traffic lights to catch drivers jumping red lights.'
  54. 'All are seeking compensation in the aftermath of Britain's worst train disaster, which was caused because a driver jumped a red light.'
  55. 'On Tuesday there was a serious accident at the crossroads at Tzanov Boulevard and Ivanov Street at 9pm when one driver jumped a red light.'
  56. 'Determined to escape this grim prospect, she jumps a bus to Sydney in the hope of rejoining her estranged father.'
  57. 'Our hero took his chance and legged it, grabbing his coat and case and jumping train miles from home.'
  58. 'the same long story about the time somebody jumped his claim'
  59. 'During an argument over which settler had the right to jump the land claim of an Indiana lumber company, Coleman shot Dow in the back.'
(of a person) move suddenly and quickly in a specified way.
  1. 'they jumped back into the car and drove off'
  2. 'They immediately jumped to their feet, their faces flushed with guilt, just as Mr. Christensen walked in.'
  3. 'A loud clang from several feet away made her jump.'
  4. 'He jumps out of the chair, shakes my hand, thanks me and leaves.'
  5. 'At the gates of his house two guards jump to their feet at the sound of strangers crunching on the gravel.'
  6. 'The smoke alarm in the kitchen began to beep and Carla jumped off her seat, looking about her wildly.'
  7. 'On Saturday we jumped on a bus and headed for the William Nicholson exhibition at the Royal Academy.'
  8. 'He jumped up and rushed out of our room and into my parents' room as Melissa started to cry.'
  9. 'Jack jumped forward quickly and held the door before she could slam it.'
  10. 'Logan jumped onto his horse, and without looking back, he rode off.'
  11. 'No one answered and he had a strong urge to jump back into his car and drive off as fast as possible.'
  12. 'We all jumped, surprised that she was even paying attention.'
  13. 'A knock at the door made me jump.'
  14. 'The sudden voice made her jump and she turned round to see who it was.'
  15. 'Suddenly there was a knock at the door making us both jump.'
  16. 'She jumped in shock, apparently not knowing that I had come in.'
  17. 'The man, surprised by this sudden movement jumped, and screamed.'
  18. 'As I am leaving, he follows me silently down the stairs and jumps slightly when I turn around.'
  19. 'Lightning cracked and the lights flickered, making both girls jump.'
  20. 'Whenever something fell or moved, she'd jump in surprise.'
  21. 'But her eyes had hardly adapted to the darkness when a new shock made her jump.'
  22. 'the book jumps constantly from Brooklyn to Harlem'
  23. 'The scenes cut between the characters and jump backwards and forwards in time.'
  24. 'After a quick introduction the film jumps back twenty years to show us how these two ended up in the ring together.'
  25. 'The letters that are interspersed throughout the book seem to be in order but the rest of the book jumps back and forth seemingly as he thinks of things to write about.'
  26. 'Closer takes place over the course of four years but often jumps ahead a few months or a year at a time, concentrating on periods of crisis in the relationships portrayed.'
  27. 'The book jumps from story to story, with some anecdotes feeling over-explained and others seemingly incomplete.'
  28. 'He was talking really fast, jumping from one subject to the next, probably hoping that he would not have to listen to what I had to say.'
  29. 'Vivian jumped from subject to subject without pause, as if breathing were merely a happy suggestion.'
  30. 'The storyline jumps forward and backward in time in non-linear fragments.'
  31. 'While the script jumps forward and backwards in time, Rose leaves more unexplained than he should.'
  32. 'The varying heights of the artwork will only serve to add confusion and your gaze will jump from piece to piece.'
  33. 'Andrew Drury put in a near perfect performance that enabled him to jump a grade by skipping the yellow belt all together and moving up to orange belt.'
  34. 'the vibration can cause the needle to jump'
  35. 'The polygraph needles jumped and the readings scrolled out.'
  36. 'As I squeezed the trigger, the sound was deafening, the gun jumped uncontrollably in my hands.'
  37. 'Toby changed gears a little too aggressively and the car jumped slightly.'
  38. 'The little rental car jumps along jerkily as Dad tries to shift gears without giving himself a cardiac arrest.'
  39. 'The press feared that was the end of her statement, and quickly jumped in with a barrage of questions that only made her even more emotional.'
  40. 'Whenever suffering appears we quickly jump to someone's aid.'
  41. 'So he would know not to jump right into a relationship with you!'
  42. 'My advice is to just jump right into a job that sounds somewhat fun and interesting.'
  43. 'If responder has a count of 12 points he can jump straight to three No-Trumps.'
  44. 'Micky Adams is walking down the ramp when suddenly he is jumped from behind by a little guy dressed all in black.'
  45. 'I just went out to have a good time and a couple of punks jump me and steal my watch and my fanny pack.'
  46. 'Just as he brought his hand down to hit her he was jumped from behind.'
  47. 'Minutes after entering a Boston dance club in the early morning hours, he was jumped from behind by three men.'
  48. 'Victim of a seemingly random attack, he was jumped and kicked to a pulp as he made his way home from a 21st birthday celebration.'
  49. 'Twenty minutes later, however, the alarm went off again and he heard a stool being moved in the bar, so he went down to investigate - only to be jumped from behind.'
  50. 'Brian grunted as someone jumped him from behind, almost losing his balance and falling over.'
Have sexual intercourse with (someone).
    Start (a vehicle) using jump leads.
    1. 'The man on the next farm comes and jumps the battery and goes home again, and I give him a few dollars each time it happens.'


    An act of jumping from a surface by pushing upwards with one's legs and feet.
    1. 'In fact, similar structures have effectively put a stop to suicide jumps off the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building.'
    2. 'White won with 13.51 metres, while four of her jumps went beyond the England standard for the Games of 13.10m.'
    3. 'Practice repeated, quick, standing jumps off both feet.'
    4. 'No movement is gratuitous - every jump, turn, arabesque and gesture conveys information.'
    5. 'Make sure there is plenty of room before the jump to reach the necessary speed.'
    6. 'Karen Manger was to make the 175-feet jump to raise money for a cancer research project at Christie's hospital, Manchester.'
    7. 'The leaps and jumps were high and spectacular to watch, yet the dancers made it appear effortless.'
    8. 'My coach told me I had to do the jumps or I could switch to dance.'
    9. 'James and Daniel have both been skating for two years and have perfected their technique, mastering leaps and jumps.'
    10. 'The jump was about eight feet, and I landed softly on cold, wet ground.'
    11. 'Both granddad and grandson were taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation and David had also injured his foot after the jump from the top of the house, but they had made it.'
    12. 'Over the jumps at Newcastle, all eyes will be on Jazz d' Estruval in the Novices' Chase.'
    13. 'And if you just want to watch somebody tackling the jumps, you can relax in the Club Bar overlooking the indoor ring.'
    14. 'The bulk of the action on Thursday takes place over the jumps, with meetings at Haydock Park and Ludlow.'
    15. 'They seemed to be climbing higher and higher and then there was a thump and the horse and rider galloped away from the jump and through the yellow and red flags that marked the end of the course.'
    16. 'The bay gelding was bred in Pennsylvania and has won six of ten career races over the jumps.'
    17. 'The inquiry leading to the arrests was launched following positive dope tests on two horses beaten at short odds in jumps races during March 1997.'
    18. 'It was in jump racing that he first made his mark as a trainer, sending out two winners on his first day and breaking prize money records as he won the jumps title in his first season.'
    19. 'The final two jumps of the circuit form the only pair negotiated just once - and they could not be more different.'
    20. 'The award is aimed at recognising consistently good performances in the major races of the jumps season.'
    21. 'Chase and I work on our dressage and then after working on it for about an hour I let Chase rest while I set up some jumps around five feet tall.'
    22. 'she will make a sponsored jump at Thruxton Airfield'
    23. 'She will be doing a tandem jump from 13,000 feet with an instructor at Netheravon airfield.'
    24. 'She is doing a sponsored parachute jump in her granddaughter's memory.'
    25. 'In December 1982 he broke his leg following a parachute jump and never completed his training.'
    26. 'The well-known 84-year-old parachutist Eva Bradley, who has made several jumps at Hibaldstow, described the accident as a one-in-a-million chance.'
    27. 'I transferred to the paratroops in May 1944 and successfully completed six compulsory parachute jumps.'
    28. 'Still a largely illegal activity, base jumpers are usually experienced skydivers who have completed at least 250 jumps before moving on to base jumping.'
    29. 'After 20 jumps, you're ready to jump solo from 10,500 feet with a free fall of 35 to 40 seconds.'
    30. 'Now, nearly 13 years later, she has decided to do a parachute jump to raise money for the special care baby unit at Great Western Hospital.'
    31. 'Up to 30 experienced jumpers will take part but all newcomers will get the opportunity to take a tandem jump.'
    32. 'She has already proved herself to be fearless after performing a parachute jump for the charity last year.'
    33. 'a 51 per cent jump in annual profits'
    34. 'He predicted that the biggest jump in prices would come at the lower end of the market.'
    35. 'It lets a data center automatically spring into action when, for example, the software spies a sudden jump in transaction volumes or a surge in email usage.'
    36. 'In the north west currency devaluation has led to a huge jump in the price of imported rice.'
    37. 'The 68 per cent jump in profits is based on strong revenue growth and the introduction of new routes.'
    38. 'The study blamed rapidly expanding road networks and a sharp increase in flights for the dramatic jump in air, noise and light pollution in the past decade.'
    39. 'Inflation in the UK took a sudden upward jump last month, rising to an annual rate of 2.6%.'
    40. 'The central bank has noted that overall inflation has been higher than expected, due mainly to a jump in gasoline prices.'
    41. 'The increase reflected the biggest jump in consumer spending in a year.'
    42. 'The State has seen a massive jump in cases of the sexually transmitted infection Chlamydia.'
    43. 'The economy added 2.23m jobs last year, the largest gain since 1999, contributing to a jump in consumer confidence.'
    44. 'Employers have to rethink the way they treat older workers - a gradual glide into retirement being much better than a sudden jump.'
    45. 'And now Dr. Laura is about to make the jump from the radio to the boob tube, courtesy of a show this fall from Paramount Television.'
    46. 'Of course, I flew from London to Istanbul, so it was a sudden jump from one culture to another, rather than a gradual shift.'
    47. 'Moreover, the transition between these two regimes is known to be sharp; it is a true discontinuity, a sudden jump rather than a smooth gradation.'
    48. 'I think you need to decide if you want to make one large jump or a series of smaller steps that you hope will ultimately change him and your own situation.'
    49. 'Generally, a jump bid indicates to your (still-bidding) partner that there is at least one suit for which you cannot supply a card needed for the run.'
    A sudden involuntary movement caused by shock or surprise.
    1. 'I sat down rather suddenly next to Ming, who, evidently startled, gave a little jump in surprise.'
    2. 'A knock on the door startled Namura and she gave an involuntary jump.'
    3. 'He suddenly gave a small jump of surprise as he looked over at Oriana for the first time.'
    4. 'Jenny gave a jump of surprise and turned bright red.'
    5. 'He gave an animated jump of surprise when he saw me, laying a dramatic hand on his chest.'
    6. 'you get the jumps—you feel like J. Edgar Hoover's on your tail'
    An act of sexual intercourse.

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      1. to spring clear of the ground or other support by a sudden muscular effort; leap: to jump into the air; to jump out a window.

      2. to rise suddenly or quickly: He jumped from his seat when she entered.

      3. to move or jerk suddenly, as from surprise or shock: He jumped when the firecracker exploded.

      4. to obey quickly and energetically; hustle: The waiter was told to jump when the captain signaled.

      5. Informal. to be full of activity; bustle: The whole

      More examples(as adjective)

      "themselveses can be jumped into markets."

      "places can be jumped on markets."

      "places can be jumped on dates."

      "parks can be jumped to rates."

      "overnights can be jumped in trades."

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