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A very large person or thing.
  1. 'Shrimp ranchero is five jumbos drenched in a stewlike spicy tomato sauce and served with thick tortillas.'
  2. 'Brown rather than pink, these jumbos are sculpted out of stone and they support the building.'
  3. 'Sell a ticket at any price, just don't leave a jumbo idle.'
  4. 'The presence of the jumbos created terror among the villagers and they fled.'
  5. 'Once in the containers, an injection of antidote gets the jumbos back up on wobbly feet.'
  6. 'Rising high in the ranks of the company, he soon made Captain just after first flying a jumbo jet like the Boeing 747, for example.'
  7. '‘We now have the ability to process the passengers of four jumbo jets simultaneously at the airport,’ he said.'
  8. 'Smaller and more versatile aircraft reduce financial and operational risks to airlines, particularly in economic downturns, compared to jumbo jets, he adds.'
  9. 'The 12-year-old carrier says it may expand its fleet of 35 jumbo jets and freighters.'
  10. 'The Department of Transport's latest air accident investigation report reveals details of incidents involving three jumbo jets last year at Heathrow Airport.'
  11. 'European Aviation, which based three jumbo jets at Manchester and had regular holiday flights to Florida, has announced plans to axe 560 jobs.'
  12. 'Civil transport aircraft, ranging from small turboprops to jumbo jets, move people and goods all over the world.'
  13. 'The map is missing the whole continent of Antarctica, even though the airline's jumbos are regularly chartered in summer for tourist overflights of Antarctica's coastline.'
  14. 'By the 1970s, they were thought to be vulnerable to Soviet missiles and were supplemented by converted civil airliners, now 747 jumbo jets.'
  15. 'The Boeing jumbo was insured for $1.75 billion, and the company has a cash hoard of more than $1 billion.'


Very large.
  1. 'This is not the time to use jumbo shrimp, small ones will be better here.'
  2. 'The single contaminated batch, consisting of 16 jumbo boxes of chicken weighing 54 kg each was destroyed by department officials.'
  3. 'And just how many calories are in that jumbo smoothie?'
  4. 'The seafood section is quite exhaustive and includes jumbo prawns.'
  5. 'There are two very giant jumbo television screens here in New York City.'
  6. 'The main courses with accompaniments included grilled lobster, jumbo prawns, beef wellington, assorted kebabs and vegetable au gratin.'
  7. 'Anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 people saw our show in the hall, and uncounted others witnessed it on jumbo video screens scattered around the Olympic Village.'
  8. 'Last week, about 1,500 jumbo squid washed up dead on the shores of Orange County in California.'
  9. 'Did I realise that jumbo rolls of gift-wrap are three-for-the-price-of-two?'
  10. 'A group of enterprising Sri Lankans are taking their recycling business to jumbo heights - by turning elephant dung into paper.'


1. a very large person, animal, or thing.

2. jumbo jet.

3. U.S. Nautical. a forestaysail having a boom (jumbo boom) along its foot, used especially on schooners. a sail used in place of a course on a square-rigged ship, having the form of an isosceles triangle set apex downward. a narrow triangular sail set point downward in place of a foresail on a topsail schooner. adjective

4. very large: the jumbo box of cereal.

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Early 19th century (originally of a person): probably the second element of mumbo jumbo. Originally denoting a large and clumsy person, the term was popularized as the name of an elephant at London Zoo, sold in 1882 to the Barnum and Bailey circus.