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An untidy collection or pile of things.
  1. 'They made tracks, piling up the jumble on either side.'
  2. 'The stony path wound up the hill past a cave shrine and spiralled between one last jumble of boulders.'
  3. 'Even after we had become used to the fascinating jumble of treasures piled throughout the house our visits were marked by an anticipatory, nervous excitement.'
  4. 'Many of the shelves are already cleared and the rest are an untidy jumble.'
  5. 'His desk is a chaotic jumble of books, journals, miscellaneous documents, and baby pictures of his three children.'
  6. 'we are collecting jumble for charity'
  7. 'St Sampsons Social Centre for Old People, in Church Street, was rented out on Mondays to local causes so they could hold table-top fundraising sales of jumble and bric-a-brac.'
  8. 'Fate intervened in the form of a neighbour collecting jumble who just so happened to be a qualified knitter - and had a whole slew of like-minded friends.'
  9. 'I started selling jumble from a table outside my house and have just kept going.'


Mix up in a confused or untidy way.
  1. 'He sticks his head in and bursts into speech, jumbling news, soaps and ads!'
  2. 'He tries to bring a poetic touch to his lines by jumbling the syntax of the sentences.'
  3. 'Let's also see whether you try to make it as unreadable as you can, by jumbling up the paragraphing.'
  4. 'It turns out our credit histories had been linked and jumbled.'
  5. 'I'm still mad, and angry, and I'm jumbling things up, but I don't care.'
  6. 'That sounded a bit better; jumbling the words about made it sound classier.'
  7. 'As far as I'm concerned, dreams are just your mind filing away the things that passed through your mind and got jumbled up during the day.'
  8. 'The episodes are jumbled up on the viewing order, so that won't help you at all.'
  9. 'She jumbled her keys in the keyhole and waved a quick goodbye before running up the stairs.'
  10. 'Thoughts were jumbled inside his head and he was having difficulty sorting them all out.'

More definitions

1. to mix in a confused mass; put or throw together without order: You've jumbled up all the cards.

2. to confuse mentally; muddle. verb (used without object), jumbled, jumbling.

3. to be mixed together in a disorderly heap or mass.

4. to meet or come together confusedly. noun

5. a mixed or disordered heap or mass: a jumble of paper clips, rubber bands, and string.

6. a confused mixture; medley.

7. a state of confusion or disorder.

More examples(as adjective)

"masses can be jumbled."

"collections can be jumbled."

"versions can be jumbled."

"wreckages can be jumbled."

"thoughts can be jumbled."

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(jumble)Early 16th century: probably symbolic.