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(of food) full of juice; succulent.
  1. 'a juicy steak'
  2. 'Andy had abandoned her own pizza after just one slice to concentrate on peeling the foil from the juicy garlic bread.'
  3. 'Inside, however, they were filled with a succulent, sweet, juicy meat unlike anything Maria had tasted before.'
  4. 'It tasted wonderful, the meat was juicy and full of flavor and the sauce was excellent.'
  5. 'This yard, however, had been transformed into a lush garden full of plump, red, juicy tomatoes.'
  6. 'There were bananas in large bunches, juicy oranges and trusses of grapes.'
  7. 'Her nose twitched to the surprising aroma of sliced vegetables, scented herbs, juicy sauces, and chopped beef.'
  8. 'I was particularly envious when her dessert arrived - huge, juicy strawberries dipped in gooey chocolate sauce.'
  9. 'I stuff the cavity with juicy lemon wedges, garlic and parsley.'
  10. 'The fresh scallops and prawns were briefly cooked thus creating tender, juicy morsels of exquisite flavor.'
  11. 'Include lots of green leafy vegetables and sweet juicy fruits.'
  12. 'It's free, of course, always interesting, and occasionally juicy.'
  13. 'Sure, I had to coax her with hints of juicy, interesting news that I said I needed to tell her, but still.'
  14. 'And the arrival of the prince could provide some juicy entertainment too.'
  15. 'When they were were filled in on the latest news of the race they would return to the pack and share the juicy news with everyone.'
  16. 'If a story is juicy and sexy, are those reasons enough to do it?'
  17. 'I hope they'll be entertaining, something juicy for us to gasp and giggle about.'
  18. 'There's nothing that gets this nation going quite like a juicy sports scandal.'
  19. 'There was so much juicy gossip it was hard to pay much attention to the debate.'
  20. 'My newly acquired knowledge is nothing more than juicy gossip and therein lies the problem.'
  21. 'She said it as if it was something keenly interesting, some juicy gossip.'
  22. 'the promise of juicy returns'
  23. 'Enticed by juicy commissions from all those deals, others are jumping into the mortgage biz.'
  24. 'Economic theory tells us that if it weren't so, there would be tons of new entrants into the market, attracted by juicy profits.'
  25. 'If admin work doesn't appeal, there are job details of the much more juicy positions at MI5 handily tucked into the brochure.'
  26. 'A market that juicy just might prove irresistible to the likes of Wal-Mart.'
  27. 'How do you respond to critics who say that the juicy returns you promise for Social Security accounts will likewise prove elusive?'


1. full of juice; succulent: a juicy pear.

2. very profitable, appealing, interesting, satisfying, or substantive: a juicy contract; a juicy part in a movie.

3. very interesting or colorful, especially when slightly scandalous or improper: a juicy bit of gossip.

More examples(as adjective)

"targets can be juiciest."

"oranges can be juiciest."

"markets can be juiciest."