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The judicial authorities of a country; judges collectively.
  1. 'judges were drawn from all the national judiciaries'
  2. 'He is undermining the credibility and independence of the judiciary, and for what?'
  3. 'We will never have successful police reform as long as the judiciary is and is perceived to be corrupt.'
  4. 'It is a role which, as a result of their accumulated experience, the judiciary is well qualified to perform.'
  5. 'In my view, the judiciary has no right to expect that it should escape scrutiny or comment.'
  6. 'In some jurisdictions, the judiciary are provided with the resources to run the courts.'
  7. 'We tamper with the independence of the judiciary at the peril of our cherished freedoms.'
  8. 'The costs grid has been the subject of comment among the bar and the judiciary.'
  9. 'In this and other respects, much depends on the response of the national judiciary.'
  10. 'The job of the judiciary is to interpret the law, but this was no mere interpretation.'
  11. 'The consideration of public interest has caused some problems for the judiciary.'

More definitions

1. the judicial branch of government.

2. the system of courts of justice in a country.

3. judges collectively. adjective

4. pertaining to the judicial branch or system or to judges.

More examples(as adjective)

"powers can be judiciary."

"bodies can be judiciary."

"authorities can be judiciary."


Early 19th century: from Latin judiciarius, from judicium ‘judgement’.