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Of or concerning the use of judgement.
  1. 'Second, standard setting is at heart a judgmental operation.'
  2. 'This causes judgmental error, prompting him to indulge in risky driving/overtaking.'
  3. 'First, it replaces an apparently hard-edged mandatory obligation by an obviously difficult judgmental decision.'
  4. 'But it is a judgmental error to reach that conclusion, because the more this goes on, the more overpriced the market is.'
  5. 'Their comments tend to be not just factual but judgmental, yet they are often dealing with areas where there is no single ‘right’ standard of behaviour.'
  6. 'Christians are perceived as anxious, moralistic, and judgmental.'
  7. 'There are critical and judgmental people around you; don't allow them to manipulate you.'
  8. 'I'm amazed at how preachy and judgemental everyone is being in this thread.'
  9. 'But fortunately for my self-righteous and judgemental streak, I can't afford to indulge in fashion.'
  10. 'As such, the real danger is not that journalists will be excessively judgmental or critical, but that they will be too soft.'
  11. 'I'm sorry if I sound a bit judgemental but I'm only telling you because I'm concerned about you.'
  12. 'I will never forget how I felt that day or how I almost let a self-righteous, judgmental pharmacist change my life.'
  13. 'If you sound concerned (rather than judgmental or jealous or left out), she may listen.'
  14. 'Many times the people that call themselves Christians are hate filled, judgmental and self righteous.'
  15. 'Am I just being stuck-up and judgmental, or should I take my legitimate concerns and run for the hills?'


1. involving the use or exercise of judgment.

2. tending to make moral judgments: to avoid a judgmental approach in dealing with divorced couples.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be judgmental."

"forecasts can be judgmental."

"reports can be judgmental."

"attitudes can be judgmental."

"analyses can be judgmental."

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