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The ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions.
  1. 'that is not, in my judgement, the end of the matter'
  2. 'I stopped my words there, realizing the error in my judgment.'
  3. 'For this reason, in my judgment, the decision of the Tribunal on this issue is flawed and cannot stand.'
  4. 'He felt safe with women because they were easier in their judgment of his abilities and feelings.'
  5. 'In my judgment, it was a carefully thought-through decision, not only by the president but by the senior military.'
  6. 'In my judgment the conclusion at which the Tribunal arrived on this issue was one which was open to them on the facts.'
  7. 'In my judgment the conclusion must be that general use on the roads is to be contemplated.'
  8. 'Ten more patients like this simply increases the capacity for those making the decisions to make errors in their judgment.'
  9. 'In my judgement those overall conclusions did not require elaboration.'
  10. '‘This is the day of the voters and we have absolute confidence in their judgment,’ Mr Caramanlis said.'
  11. 'Justin's shrewd judgement and his ability to make the necessary changes when needed contributed to this famous victory over the rebels.'
  12. 'We may have our own subjective judgments about this matter, but we should at least have the honesty to recognize that they are completely irrelevant.'
  13. 'But when the public world doesn't hold to the idea of cultural value, their judgements are merely personal opinions.'
  14. 'Naturally, when making such decisions, one's own culture and pre-conditioned opinions and judgments are strong influences.'
  15. 'Adams' biography confesses to concentrating less on the later years and this deprives the book of a conclusive judgment about its subject.'
  16. 'Indeed, it is just these potential biases and subjective judgments being made by the sitters that obviously cries out for controlling.'
  17. 'That is, I make my own ill-informed judgements of their varyingly-informed opinions.'
  18. 'Hall does not draw conclusions or make judgments about his subjects but allows readers to form their own interpretations.'
  19. 'The fight will not bear fruit if it assumes the preserve of emotionalism and unbridled hatred or preformed conclusions and judgments.'
  20. 'The new services are non-directive, which means that the counsellor does not give an opinion or form a judgement.'
  21. 'It is doubtful if there will ever be a conclusive judgement about colonialism.'
  22. 'county court judgements against individuals in debt'
  23. 'There are a number of helpful passages in the judgments in that decision.'
  24. 'Many of the leading decisions contain judgments by Lord Denning which should be read for their chronological symmetry and clarity of exposition.'
  25. 'Rather than go to court, civil defendants may accept default judgments.'
  26. 'A motion by the Plaintiffs for a summary judgment as to the Defendants' liability and negligence was dismissed.'
  27. 'The domestic law of France can properly determine what judgments may be enforced in that country.'
  28. 'This nuanced study of the U.K. shows how difficult it can be to really tell if Strasbourg judgments and decisions have in practice been properly executed.'
  29. 'In addition, the applicants complained that the county courts' residence judgments were not pronounced publicly.'
  30. 'The order was made following a summary judgment hearing upon affidavits.'
  31. 'It seems clear that the diocese's insurers will not cover much of any future negligent supervision judgements or settlements.'
  32. 'But the problem is that American courts don't enforce Australian defamation judgements unless liability would also have arisen under American law.'
A misfortune or calamity viewed as a divine punishment.
  1. 'The loss of the temple was a divine judgment on account of the unfaithfulness of the priests, scribes and Sanhedrin elders.'
  2. 'His death is the divine judgment on me and my sins which he, the blessed Lamb of God, took instead of me.'

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1. an act or instance of judging.

2. the ability to judge, make a decision, or form an opinion objectively, authoritatively, and wisely, especially in matters affecting action; good sense; discretion: a man of sound judgment.

3. the demonstration or exercise of such ability or capacity: The major was decorated for the judgment he showed under fire.

4. the forming of an opinion, estimate, notion, or conclusion, as from circumstances presented to the mind: Our judgment as to the cau

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"bases can be judgement."


(judgment)Middle English: from Old French jugement, from juger ‘to judge’.


against one's better judgement
pass judgement
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