Adjective "judaised" definition and examples

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Make Jewish; convert to Judaism.
  1. 'Secularize the schools, and you can then Judaize the universities.'
  2. 'The prayers to God are also a way to Judaize the foreign terrain of the island.'
  3. 'The island is not only Judaized by action and iconography, but it is closely tied to the Jewish Bible as well.'
  4. 'Jews who cherish their national and cultural identity are not necessarily Judaizing.'

More definitions

1. to conform to the spirit, character, principles, or practices of Judaism. verb (used with object), Judaized, Judaizing.

2. to bring into conformity with Judaism.

More examples(as adjective)

"lands can be judaised."


(Judaize)Late 16th century: from Christian Latin judaizare, from Greek ioudaizein, from Ioudaios (see Jew).