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The control column of an aircraft.
  1. 'While it's possible to run most of today's sims from the keyboard, their realism improves dramatically with a joystick.'
  2. 'He gritted his teeth and wrestled with the joystick in a vain effort to regain control of his crippled craft.'
  3. 'Pilots use two keyboards and a joystick to fly the craft, and they have to learn the key strokes similar to the old DOS commands of first generation computers.'
  4. 'The XL2's handling is quick with conventional joysticks for roll and pitch, but not so brisk as to be touchy.'
  5. 'Abruptly, he pushes forward on the joystick again and the glider drops.'
  6. 'The pilot flies using a pair of joysticks that control the engines on the aircraft, which made its maiden voyage in December 2001.'
  7. 'The investigators have recommended the removal of dual control joysticks for all non-training flights.'
  8. 'As Fox twisted a joystick the plane tilted; a blue arrow showed the part of the lift that was directed inwards.'
  9. 'You can opt to use a joystick or keyboard but the default is using a mouse and I found it more than adequate in handling the game's action.'
  10. 'The joystick also controls playback: nudge it up for play/pause, down for stop.'
  11. 'You may recall that rotary joysticks have handles that rotate to 12 different positions, designed for aiming in certain games.'
  12. 'Computer games allow joysticks and controllers to change a point of view in response to player actions.'
  13. 'For a game that supports the mouse, the menu screen forces you to use a gamepad / joystick or keyboard to navigate.'
  14. 'The game can be played entirely with cursor keys, but joysticks and gamepads also are supported.'
  15. 'In contrast, other devices available in the market cannot compete with the simplicity and total control that these joysticks have to offer.'
  16. 'I have the option of controlling with keyboard, joystick, mouse, gamepad, or wheel.'
  17. 'There is no reason to initialize the joystick or CD-ROM if you are not going to use them.'
  18. 'And all I ever wanted was for my life to mirror that of all the grand adventures I ever read about or directed with a joystick or keyboard.'

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1. Informal. the control stick of an airplane, tank, or other vehicle.

2. Computers. a lever resembling this, used to control movement of a cursor or other graphic element for video games and computer graphics.Compare mouse (def 4), stylus (def 3).

3. any leverlike switch for controlling, manipulating, guiding, or the like.

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"options can be joystick."