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The action or practice of driving fast and dangerously in a stolen car for enjoyment.
  1. as modifier 'a series of joyriding incidents'
  2. 'He said that drugs, robbery and joyriding were rife and claimed that some streets were nothing more than ghettos.'
  3. 'The types of delinquency ranged from low-level stuff like being rowdy on a street corner, to theft from home and school, up to housebreaking, joyriding and robbery.'
  4. 'Det Sgt Nick Draper of Pudsey CID said: ‘This is a terrible incident and highlights the awful dangers of joyriding.’'
  5. 'They made no attempt to come and catch them in the act, so they stole the car, used it for joyriding, and burnt it out a couple of streets away.'
  6. 'However, they also hope the operation will reduce overall crime levels in the area including drug dealing, burglaries, car thefts, and joyriding.'
  7. 'Residents have complained that the area has become run-down, suffers at the hands of thugs intent on joyriding and burglary.'
  8. 'In Ireland we have a fairly serious problem developing with teen joyriding.'
  9. 'After the crash Gareth's father said he had taken six of his son's friends to the chapel of rest to warn them of the dangers of so-called joyriding.'
  10. 'Many of the younger criminals have graduated from joyriding and burglary in their teens to crimes such as drug-dealing.'
  11. 'Graffiti, joyriding, drugs and illicit sex are all about countering boredom with excitement, and feeling insignificant with feeling important.'

More definitions

1. a pleasure ride in an automobile, especially when the vehicle is driven recklessly or used without the owner's permission.

2. a brief, emotionally exciting interlude. verb (used without object), joyrode, joyridden, joyriding.

3. to go on a joyride.

More examples(as adjective)

"years can be joyriding."