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Not giving or feeling any pleasure or satisfaction; grim or dismal.
  1. 'It's a bit like scratching an unbearable itch: a completely satisfying activity, but joyless at the same time.'
  2. 'This grim, joyless motion picture is anything but fun.'
  3. 'York endured a joyless visit to Pontefract as they were convincingly beaten 24-0 in a Powergen Yorkshire One result.'
  4. 'He was 55 years old (18 years older than Cloetta) with a bad marriage and a long string of joyless affairs behind him.'
  5. 'The middle trilogy is watchable enough rot, but the recent films are joyless, plotless screeds on macroeconomics and industrial relations.'
  6. 'And finally, to top my day off, I found out that the joyless, universally disliked boss who's been off on maternity leave will be part time when she comes back at the end of April.'
  7. 'Food is supposed to taste good, and health promotion should not be a series of negative messages that convey a joyless future.'
  8. 'Stanley has one of the most joyless birthday parties imaginable thrown in his honour, with an undercurrent of menace never far from the surface.'
  9. 'The problem is, at times it's too grim: this is an almost totally joyless book.'
  10. 'Actually, I found nearly all the music totally joyless.'


1. without joy or gladness; unhappy: the joyless days of the war.

2. causing no joy or pleasure.

More examples(as adjective)

"marriages can be joyless in years."

"affairs can be joyless."

"forms can be joyless."

"years can be joyless."

"worlds can be joyless."

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