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Feeling, expressing, or causing great pleasure and happiness.
  1. 'It is a positive religion, emphasising the joyful and carefree sides of the Chinese character.'
  2. 'If you could have more control over your life, would you be happier, more joyful?'
  3. 'It helps to live a happy life and also make other people's life happy and joyful.'
  4. 'Maybe it's seen as a way of provoking a joyful feeling of brightness and wellbeing.'
  5. 'The whole atmosphere was joyful and peaceful even in damp miserable conditions.'
  6. 'At last I understood what all those joyful carols were being sung for.'
  7. 'The joyful scenes at the final whistle were what one would expect on such an historic occasion.'
  8. 'Within moments, we would be dissolved into hopeless, helpless, joyful laughter.'
  9. 'He laughed at my joyful tears and gave me a kiss, while wiping my eyes with the sleeve of his shirt.'
  10. 'That will be a joyful occasion for bride, groom and the entire community.'


1. full of joy, as a person or one's heart; glad; delighted.

2. showing or expressing joy, as looks, actions, or speech.

3. causing or bringing joy, as an event, a sight, or news; delightful: the joyful announcement of their marriage.

More examples(as adjective)

"fathers can be joyful at returns."

"everyones can be joyful in parades."

"events can be joyful for people."

"people can be joyful."

"noises can be joyful."

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