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Cheerful and friendly.
  1. 'For his part, Frey was in a jovial mood, joking with the crowd throughout the night.'
  2. 'His jovial manner and friendly approach sets him aside from all others that ever worked in town.'
  3. 'But he was mostly in a jovial mood as he conducted a round of interviews.'
  4. 'The conversation became jovial through the stories they shared about being in a state of intoxication.'
  5. 'His method of interacting with patients was to be jovial and carefree in an effort to relax them.'
  6. 'The Professor has been drinking and is in a very jovial mood, but he kids you not.'
  7. 'Of course it will be delivered with a jovial smile and a pat on the back.'
  8. 'The mood was pretty jovial after the show and the band hung out and mingled.'
  9. 'It took the form of a very jovial round faced friend of mine called Bill who lived two streets away.'
  10. 'He was joined by friends for the special occasion and was in jovial form as usual.'


1. endowed with or characterized by a hearty, joyous humor or a spirit of good-fellowship: a wonderfully jovial host.

2. (initial capital letter) of or relating to the god Jove, or Jupiter.

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"people can be jovial in/at/on todays."

"people can be jovial during meals."

"people can be jovial."

"moods can be jovial."

"manners can be jovial."

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Late 16th century: from French, from late Latin jovialis ‘of Jupiter’ (see Jove), with reference to the supposed influence of the planet Jupiter on those born under it.