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Push, elbow, or bump against (someone) roughly, typically in a crowd.
  1. no object 'people jostled against us'
  2. 'The next thing I knew, I was jostled and shoved around by people I could barely even see.'
  3. 'Shelley was hard-pressed to keep up as she was jostled with each step by dancing maniacs who didn't seem to care who they hit.'
  4. 'As I straightened up I was jostled, very slightly, by Doreen and her companion, hurrying to get past.'
  5. 'She was jostled with every step she took and was sure she was bruised from the larger and faster beings traveling down the walkways.'
  6. 'The room filled with nurses and doctors and I was jostled back into the hallway.'
  7. 'They booed and jostled him and only the expertise of the Special Branch ensured he got inside unscathed.'
  8. 'On it, you're constantly jostled, poked, elbowed and stepped on by your boogieing neighbours.'
  9. 'In my perambulations up and down Oxford Street and in the shops no one jostled me, no one got in my way.'
  10. 'She stood staring at the lion while students jostled her and pushed their way to their friends.'
  11. 'Walking slowly, she was slightly jostled about by the congested crowd of people on the sidewalk.'
  12. 'In a competitive market where hundreds of brand names jostle for attention, several are emerging as the next big thing.'
  13. 'Forget jostling for space on the platform with hundreds of other passengers only to find that your train has been delayed or cancelled.'
  14. 'We're both talkers, forever jostling for the other's ear.'
  15. 'But by the 10 am opening times things had got out of hand when a crowd of several hundred began jostling for position.'
  16. 'Always painfully aware of their place in the pecking-order, they struggle and jostle for position.'


The action of jostling.
  1. 'The construction workers wear soft eyes that soak up the morning sun, and the janitors have attentive ears that listen to the jostle of walking mobs.'
  2. 'The unpretentious, butter-hued dining room is calm then - underpopulated, even, compared to the Darwinian bray and jostle of jampacked evenings.'

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1. to bump, push, shove, brush against, or elbow roughly or rudely.

2. to drive or force by, or as if by, pushing or shoving: The crowd jostled him into the subway.

3. to exist in close contact or proximity with: The three families jostle each other in the small house.

4. to contend with: rival gangs continually jostling each other.

5. to unsettle; disturb: The thought jostled her complacency.

6. Slang. to pick the pocket of. verb

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"shapes can be jostling."

"protesters can be jostling."

"mobs can be jostling."

"drifts can be jostling."

"birds can be jostling."

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(jostle)Late Middle English justle, from just, an earlier form of joust. The original sense was ‘have sexual intercourse with’; current senses date from the mid 16th century.