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A point at which parts of an artificial structure are joined.
  1. 'If the color isn't acceptable, we'd suggest you seal just the joints using a foam paintbrush to apply the material.'
  2. 'Or, you can seal the joint with duct tape placed lengthwise all along the seams and end joints.'
  3. 'Seal joints between the wall and your new tub with silicone caulk as protection against water seepage.'
  4. 'Splits are also common at joints within the expansion joint cover itself.'
  5. 'For outdoor use, most manufacturers recommend that the joints be sealed with a non-acidic silicone glue.'
  6. 'Then run the round part of your hammer handle or screwdriver shank tightly up the joint to seal any gap that may be left.'
  7. 'The door is made with simple but strong half-lap joints, using just a few basic hand tools and a circular saw.'
  8. 'The mortar joints between the bricks also have their own color and texture.'
  9. 'After old caulk is removed, new caulk can then be applied to all joints in the window frame and the joint between the frame and the wall.'
  10. 'For any other grout joints with other types of tiles we would use a sanded grout which holds up better when the grout lines are wider.'
  11. 'members connected together by rigid joints'
  12. 'He soon knew every inch of the 1400 parts of the bridge and spent years filing the multitude of dovetail joints which hold the construction together.'
  13. 'Some of these master joints continue over the surface for hundreds of metres.'
  14. 'Another fracture system consists of relief-related joints.'
A structure in the human or animal body at which two parts of the skeleton are fitted together.
  1. 'The exercise will move stiff shoulder joints and stretch muscles in the waist.'
  2. 'Pathogenic cold may also cause a common cold with symptoms of sore aching joints and headache.'
  3. 'Like those of the shoulder, hip and knee joint replacement rates are only increasing.'
  4. 'The soft tissue structures around the joint play a vital role in the stability of the shoulder.'
  5. 'Her right leg is wasted and her knee joint is swollen, shiny and huge in comparison to the other.'
  6. 'Tantalum is used for sutures, and steel in artificial hip joints.'
  7. 'The most freely moving joints are the synovial joints.'
  8. 'His elbow and shoulder joints ache, but he still labors through the workouts.'
  9. 'She presented with a history of a painful right ankle joint since childhood with no history of injury.'
  10. 'To help his recovery, Johnson had injections in December to lubricate the joint.'
  11. 'the top two joints of his index finger'
  12. 'Cut at an angle to create shapes the length of the first joint of your index finger.'
  13. 'If you have ever hacked into a joint of meat you will know it is difficult to cut through bone.'
  14. 'Half-past one on the dot, after my dad had returned from the pub, the joint of meat would be ceremoniously carved.'
  15. 'Large meat joints or whole poultry need special care.'
  16. 'Large pieces of tuna may be braised like joints of meat.'
  17. 'West Country lambs are particularly large, and the joint is packed with meat all the way to the top of the chop.'
  18. 'The key to successful spit-roasting is to keep the coals at an even temperature, placing more coals, little and often, until the joint is cooked.'
  19. 'These included not only the normal range of meat joints and poultry, but also whole cattle and sheep.'
  20. 'It's Christmas, the joint of beef is on trial, and you are about to make the best gravy of your life.'
  21. 'Lukoszevieze brandishes a meat cleaver and brings it down on a substantial joint of meat.'
  22. 'She would get a huge joint of beef or lamb for about two shillings and they would put 2lb of sausages in for free.'
  23. 'cut just below a leaf joint'
  24. 'Cut back a few inches to within 1/8 inch of a leaf joint.'
  25. 'Make a cut below a leaf joint and dip the cutting in hormone rooting powder before inserting it into an open peat-free compost and perlite mix.'
  26. 'Like all grasses, sugar cane has a jointed stem, and its leaves and branches come from the shoots at each joint.'
  27. 'Helxine soleirolii (mind-your-own-business) looks like a fragile weed but it spreads by rooting at the leaf joints.'
  28. 'Trim the cutting just below a leaf joint and dip the end in rooting hormone powder or liquid.'
  29. 'Sometimes your older, established plants will have roots already growing from the segment joints.'
  30. 'For this study as with previous studies, stem joints were defined as the smallest diameter region between two successive stem segments.'
An establishment of a specified kind, especially one where people meet for eating, drinking, or entertainment.
  1. 'The pub city has taken a hit with the 11.30 pm deadline imposed by the Police Department on entertainment joints.'
  2. 'One of the stores was a burger joint based on Al, the big-nosed restaurateur of ‘Happy Days’ fame.'
  3. 'The furniture is composed of pink and blue plastic, the sort of material only found in fast food joints.'
  4. 'They plant the seed of a revolutionary idea for the hamburger joint - a drive-through window like those found in banks.'
  5. 'For proof, check out the entertainment joints springing up across the city.'
  6. 'The warm couple who run the joint reserves a section for celebrity habitués, although these are nowadays outnumbered by the varieties of soup.'
  7. 'Enjoy lunch from the best fast-food joint in town - your kitchen!'
  8. 'Bars and juke joints have given way to day-care centers and fast-food joints.'
  9. 'But such attention to detail seemed to clash with a laminated menu, which made me think of tacky burger joints and sad little cafes.'
  10. 'Besides, familiar faces from the silver screen and even the small screen, there will be a lot of glitterati at these burger joints.'
  11. 'The world is out of joint, so why bother plastering?'
  12. 'And unlike the joint in Indy where boxing was a no-no, the jail in Cali specializes in fights between hardened criminals.'
A cannabis cigarette.
  1. 'They have also stated that cannabis is in fact less addictive, and less carcinogenic than the tobacco used to roll the joints.'
  2. 'Benjamin said that they drove in Chris' car to Savernake Forest where between them they had smoked two or three cannabis joints.'
  3. 'But Njoh was spotted smoking a cannabis joint at the carnival and was stopped and searched by police.'
  4. 'She pulled a joint out of her cigarette box and looked around to make sure nobody was watching.'
  5. 'Dr Corrigan said the crucial factor was the combination of cannabis and tobacco in joints resulting in ‘the worst of both worlds’.'
  6. 'I felt the best thing to do would be to learn to roll joints, and buy my own cannabis.'
  7. 'He didn't normally smoke cigarettes, only joints, but this was not a normal moment, so he took one.'
  8. 'He made a good deal of money turning the plants into joints, and selling them to the local teenagers.'
  9. 'Blue rolls another joint and the air grows sweeter.'
  10. 'With that she rips a piece off the page and uses it for her joint.'
A piece of creative work, especially a musical recording.
  1. 'There was a sense of future that was the result of the mixture of politics, cinema, music, the first joints.'


Shared, held, or made by two or more people together.
  1. 'Mr. Ladisa seeks an order for joint custody of all three of his children.'
  2. 'There was a joint satellite session each day with speakers, panelists, question-and-answer sessions, and workshops in each city.'
  3. 'The trio's new joint venture intends to bid for other inter-city rail franchises in Britain.'
  4. 'A couple wanting to buy the same house would need a joint income of more than £60,000.'
  5. 'When the house is in joint ownership, a will can ensure that the surviving spouse will inherit only a right of occupancy.'
  6. 'The Memorandum contemplated joint custody with Evan having his primary residence with Ms Howey.'
  7. 'A joint communique is also expected to be signed.'
  8. 'The work was done on the property for the benefit of the two owners as joint tenants.'
  9. 'However, the new joint agreement with Fujitsu covering the development of future Solaris servers really grabs the attention.'
  10. 'The Polish Government came to the rescue through a joint shipping company to transport materials China needed.'
  11. 'a joint winner'
  12. 'Drafters of the roadmap also hope to encourage collaboration by funding more joint research.'
  13. 'Another objective of the report is securing greater and continued support from the trade for joint tourism development activity.'
  14. 'I support joint activities with our ally when it is proper or expedient to do so (and especially when it is both proper and expedient).'
  15. 'A large centre in the same city co-ordinates joint business activities.'
  16. 'The weak points of each school become apparent when joint practices are held.'
  17. 'Marie is bringing her accounting skills to help the finance management of the club and takes up the position of joint treasurer.'
  18. 'U.S. military activities include joint exercises, training, and active arms sales to rich Arab Gulf states.'
  19. 'It has Sweden and Greece in joint favourites position, at 7-1, followed by Doran at 8-1.'
  20. 'The memorandum said that maximising the benefits of joint activities in the areas of investment and re-equipment would be a key focus for both.'
  21. 'The award is a joint achievement by everyone at the site and I'm tremendously proud of every single employee.'
  22. 'Joint tenancy is joint ownership and possession of the same property.'
  23. 'The history of this is in fact set out in the joint judgment of Justices Gummow and Hayne in Angas Law Services.'


Provide or fasten (something) with joints.
  1. 'The students rev faster as we thump across the unevenly jointed highway.'
  2. 'Made of 2in-thick slabs of precisely jointed oak, it spirals up, entirely self-supporting, without even a central pillar.'
  3. 'Nitrogen should be applied by April 15 or before jointing.'
  4. 'Other dolls, Lily and Jane, made in Germany, had jointed arms and legs, eyelashes, eyes that opened and shut and real hair.'
  5. 'Alicia exclaimed, ‘Do you think that we're double jointed!’'
  6. 'At the precipice of the roof, a stairwell circled its way to the bottom floor, where it jointed itself to a room that was probably once a bar.'
  7. 'Possible tell-tale signs in this connection is any evidence of algae staining/open jointed brickwork to the rear, adjacent to such fixed pipes.'
  8. 'The walls are columnar jointed and aphanitic, and internally the massive core is texturally zoned.'
  9. 'However, the gill arches seem to be jointed and they appear to be closely related to paired fin-folds on the anaspid model.'
  10. 'Self-bows are those which are made fully of wood, either a single stave, or a pair of shorter staves, usually jointed at the handle, giving a single length.'
  11. 'You can use a router to cut mortises for hardware, to joint and trim lumber, to create recesses for decorative inlays, and much more.'
Cut (the body of an animal) into joints for cooking.
  1. 'The jointed body was pinned to itself in a sort of fold.'
  2. 'If cattle are removed at jointing, there will be very little yield loss.'
  3. 'Having found a butcher to joint it we started to skin it but we then discovered its problems - a missing front foot and a stinking gangrenous shoulder.'


1. having or provided with joints.

2. formed with knots or nodes.

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"rocks can be jointed."

"legs can be jointed."

"structures can be jointed."

"models can be jointed."

"chains can be jointed."

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Middle English: from Old French, past participle of joindre ‘to join’ (see join).


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