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The wooden components of a building, such as stairs, doors, and door and window frames, viewed collectively.
  1. 'So, as of this weekend, my home is filled with furniture which was previously in my grandmother's unit, most of it in the same dark joinery of my home.'
  2. 'Most lattice panels of this region and period were made of many small components held together by complex joinery.'
  3. 'It boasts many original features including joinery, fireplaces, window boxes and timber ceilings.'
  4. 'The massive walls work well as heat sinks, but the beautiful timber walls, with all their complex joinery, are too porous to hold heat.'
  5. 'Connoisseurs of American furniture have always taken a hard line about joinery.'
  6. 'That sensibility is inevitably - and necessarily manifest in the components and joinery of the building.'
  7. 'Timber framing refers to a specific type of post and beam construction in which solid wood timbers are joined by means of traditional wooden joinery.'
  8. 'The cost of joinery in the main debating chamber has more than doubled, from £5m to almost £12m.'
  9. 'They toured the house, which is in an intact state with all its original plaster-work, joinery and fireplaces, and much of the original furniture.'
  10. 'This rawness plays against the finesse of the timber joinery and gives the interiors a fresh edge.'
  11. 'he quickly mastered the techniques of joinery'
  12. 'Apart from building sites, the other locations for members were the many joinery shops which prefabricated doors and frames.'
  13. 'He got involved in wood-work, learning the fine points of joinery and carpentry.'
  14. 'He is planning to teach his joinery skills to people in the area so they can rebuild their homes.'
  15. 'The craft centre also offers tuition for the public who will be trained in joinery skills and the use of the equipment.'
  16. 'Said Robert: ‘Boat building was very different from ordinary joinery.’'
  17. 'The two Stuarts travelled with a group including part-time lecturer in carpentry and joinery, James Henderson.'
  18. 'Hemmings went on to execute the woodwork as well as more sophisticated joinery work, including doors and window sashes, at Poplar Forest.'
  19. 'Mr Stevenson offers all general building services including plastering, joinery and brickwork.'
  20. '‘I was inspired by him because of his joinery, his designs and his personality,’ said Ahadi.'
  21. 'As an Instructor in carpentry and joinery at Fás in Ballytivnan, Basil is more than qualified to lead this team.'

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1. the craft or trade of a joiner.

2. woodwork made by a joiner.

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"products can be joinery."

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