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Run at a steady gentle pace, especially on a regular basis as a form of physical exercise.
  1. 'right now she is jogging two miles a day'
  2. 'He put the six pack on the ground, and started jogging back down the hallway.'
  3. 'Mike jogged up the steps close behind her, refusing to be left alone.'
  4. 'Paul jogged down the corridor trying to find his way to the emergency meeting point.'
  5. 'At the gym, Megan started off by walking and jogging on the treadmill for 30 minutes.'
  6. 'I think I'm gonna go outside and jog for 5 minutes.'
  7. 'I grabbed a ratty towel from the outhouse bathroom and jogged away in the direction of the creek.'
  8. 'Sivan had to nearly jog to keep up with the contingent of brood warriors.'
  9. 'And he took off jogging in the direction of the kennels.'
  10. 'I jogged on the spot, making a futile attempt to slow my heart beat.'
  11. 'When I opened the door, I started jogging lightly up the stairs.'
  12. 'With his ears up and his eyes bright, Hold That Tiger completed the drill after earlier jogging once around the track.'
  13. 'They got my five-year-old daughter sitting and turning all the way around while the horse was jogging.'
  14. 'Horses Wednesday mainly galloped, jogged, or walked, but the first official workouts are most likely to occur on Thursday.'
  15. 'In the Western Pleasure classes, horses must walk, jog and lope on the rail each direction, stop, and back willingly.'
  16. 'the bus jogged and jolted'
  17. 'Shake stacked sieves, vibrating, jogging, and jolting them to keep the sand in continuous motion for two minutes.'
Nudge or knock slightly.
  1. 'On one occasion Chapman glowed with nostalgia, took a deep pull on his pipe, and jogged his narcoleptic friend's arm.'
  2. 'I think he'll be a better candidate if he's jogged, nudged, challenged.'


A spell of jogging.
  1. 'He has his diamonds and ankle weights on and he's going for a jog.'
  2. 'If your evenings are in the bar or out clubbing then forget leaping out of bed for a quick jog in the morning!'
  3. 'Before leaving for her morning jog, Jessica gives the girl a quick hug.'
  4. 'She was asking him where she could go for a jog in the morning.'
  5. 'One day while doing his morning jog he was hit by a train.'
  6. 'After my morning jog, I felt ready to face the day.'
  7. 'It was early enough so that there were very few tourists around, and the people who could be seen were like us, out for a morning jog or power walk.'
  8. 'Brijesh occasionally met people on his morning jog.'
  9. 'Joan smirked as she paced herself during her morning jog.'
  10. 'Pradeep's fitness regime on most days includes a morning jog of at least seven km and a balanced diet with plenty of proteins and fluids.'
  11. 'he set off along the bank at a jog'
  12. 'Tears were falling down her face as her jog turned into a sprint.'
  13. 'In fact, she almost seemed to increase her pace to a jog, with Becky following suit a moment after her.'
  14. 'A thumping in the distance made him tense with fear and he slowed his pace to a jog.'
  15. 'Feeling better, Noca increased her pace to a jog.'
  16. 'She approached it cautiously, slowing her pace down to a jog.'
  17. 'Her face automatically brightened and her pace increased into a jog.'
  18. 'He sighed with relief and slowed his sprint to a jog.'
  19. 'Even though she was running flat out, Seung was able to keep up with her pace at a brisk jog.'
  20. 'He heard the bell ring for the last 200m, kicked, and slowed to a jog after crossing the finish line in first.'
  21. 'I still had that jumpy, energetic feeling I'd had that morning, so I started off at a jog in the direction of Andy's house.'
A slight push or nudge.

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    1. to move or shake with a push or jerk: The horseman jogged the reins lightly.

    2. to cause to function with a jolt for a moment or in a series of disconnected motions: He jogged the motor and started the machine.

    3. to push slightly, as to arouse the attention; nudge: She jogged his elbow when she wanted to be introduced to one of his friends.

    4. to stir or jolt into activity or alertness, as by a hint or reminder: to jog a person's memory.

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    "treadmills can be jogged."

    "times can be jogged."

    "reservoirs can be jogged."

    "memories can be jogged."

    "backs can be jogged."

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    (jog)Late Middle English (in the sense ‘stab, pierce’): variant of jag.


    jog along
    jog on