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The state of being unemployed.
  1. 'Unemployed workers with college degrees accounted for more than one-half of the rise in joblessness during the first half of this year.'
  2. 'Already, Gen X joblessness is leading to all sorts of economic strains.'
  3. 'With neither jobs nor public assistance sufficient to lift them out of poverty, chronic joblessness defined a large, new component of urban poverty.'
  4. 'We all know couples who have been there, facing the stress of joblessness amid the usual chaos of the season.'
  5. 'The final section discusses existing theories of joblessness in relation to the findings of the study.'

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1. without a job.

2. noting or pertaining to persons without jobs, especially to those who are seeking employment. noun

3. (used with a plural verb) unemployed people collectively, especially those who are seeking a job (usually preceded by the).

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"rates can be joblessness."

"likelies can be joblessness."

"fallings can be joblessness."

"falls can be joblessness."

"emergings can be joblessness."

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