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  1. 'Live registers figures for March show that there are now over 1000 people jobless in Listowel.'
  2. 'Germany's comparatively high jobless figure is also a reflection of the way the country compiles its data.'
  3. 'The advent of safety razors has rendered local barbers jobless.'
  4. 'Millions in the armed services found themselves jobless between 1955 and 1960.'
  5. 'Miami, Florida, with a 7.4 percent jobless rate, had the second highest in the nation.'
  6. 'Her second daughter was also infected but recovered and has been jobless ever since.'
  7. 'Russell intends to leave him jobless for a while.'
  8. 'She was left jobless, with a child to take care of.'
  9. 'Well over 10 million people were jobless in the face of savage inflation.'
  10. 'She also noted that as a result of restructuring and retrenchments, a lot of people had been left jobless.'


1. without a job.

2. noting or pertaining to persons without jobs, especially to those who are seeking employment. noun

3. (used with a plural verb) unemployed people collectively, especially those who are seeking a job (usually preceded by the).

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be jobless out of workforces."

"people can be jobless in areas."

"miners can be jobless after strugglings."

"manies can be jobless without things."

"rates can be jobless."

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