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(in the UK) a principal or wholesaler who dealt only on the Stock Exchange with brokers, not directly with the public.
  1. 'Transaction tax will finish day traders, jobbers and arbitragers, and cripple the share markets.'
  2. 'Brokers made a commission charged to their principals; jobbers made a ‘turn’ on the bid-ask spread always intending to buy low and sell high.'
A wholesaler.
  1. 'The jobber said to him, ‘You manufacture this, that, or the other.’'
  2. 'The jobber sells to the installer who fixes the car.'
  3. 'Contact your jobber or go to to order literature.'
A person who does casual or occasional work.
  1. 'Mark or Johnnie were in no way abrasive as were many jobbers of the day.'
  2. 'A pool of silver-haired jobbers would, he said, help to dampen the rise in the value of quotations because of demand outstripping supply.'
  3. 'We get to meet more mature graduates and second jobbers who are considering the public sector or accountancy as a career change.'
  4. 'To judge by the data collected in 1929, fruit jobber businesses ranged widely in both size and clientele.'
  5. 'It seems to be a way of life for the nine o'clock jobbers.'
  6. 'If you are uncomfortable operating a piece of heavy equipment, consider hiring a commercial jobber.'

More definitions

1. a wholesale merchant, especially one selling to retailers.

2. a pieceworker.

3. (formerly) a merchant who deals in special, odd, or job lots.

4. a person who practices jobbery.

More examples(as adjective)

"wills can be jobber."


Late 17th century (in the sense ‘broker, middleman’, originally not derogatory): from job.