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Feelings of extreme nervousness.
  1. 'Still, there are occasional signs that our jitters, our fears, and our suppressed anger could grow into something like a political force.'
  2. 'Oddly enough, missing the first shot seemed to shake off the jitters.'
  3. 'The half is when the jitters and fears you've been dealing with during rehearsal must be exorcised.'
  4. 'Now that the first day of school is out of the way, the next thing on the calendar sure to cause the jitters is school picture day.'
  5. 'The jitters sent through the government by recent protests are leading to the implementation of even more intrusive and innovative censorship and control tools.'
  6. 'It was probably due to nervous jitters or exhaustion, but the boys almost seemed uncomfortable to be up on stage.'
  7. 'We definitely had a few nervous jitters brought on by the unknown of what or who was down there waiting for us to fly overhead.'
  8. '‘It's always stressful,’ she confirms of the opening-night jitters.'
  9. 'The rush by Republicans and Democrats to corral Latino voters has touched off nervous jitters among some black politicians and leaders.'
  10. 'Tonight, terror jitters are spreading throughout the world.'
Slight irregular movement, variation, or unsteadiness, especially in an electrical signal or electronic device.
  1. 'At the same time, he'll build up his confidence, his charm, and eventually squash the jitters and shakes caused by scary girls.'
  2. 'Not once did I experience any sort of mouse jitter or discrepancies in movement.'
  3. 'The jitter amplitude just before the output crosses this error threshold is defined as the maximum tolerable jitter of the input under test.'
  4. 'The 10-millisecond case, including all jitter effects, is highlighted, which results in a 2-dB degradation in loss-of-lock threshold.'
  5. 'By switching the anti-aliasing mode on and off, I found different and useful timbres, because even aliasing creates an interesting digital jitter.'
  6. 'In either case, the repeater must reduce the amount of jitter in its outgoing signal to ensure that downstream devices can recover it error-free.'
  7. 'Flexure galvanometers and low-noise servo drives offer improved performance in applications requiring smooth scanning with low jitter.'
  8. 'But it provides zero-speed detection capabilities without the associated running jitter inherent in classical digital solutions.'
  9. 'But these percussive jitters are anchored by MIA's engaging, half-rapped, half-chanted vocal melodies.'
  10. 'We use the packets themselves to clock each end of the signal because we can't have jitter.'


Act nervously.
  1. 'On the same aircrew, the guy who limited himself to coffee became a jittering mass of jelly.'
  2. 'And then they made a thorough, exhaustive search of all my hand luggage, while all the while I was jittering about missing my plane.'
  3. 'My nerves are almost completely balanced by the relief I'm feeling at soon being free of her, but as it is I'm jittering and barely worth talking to.'
  4. 'His nerves jittered a little to see the massive beast pounding straight at him, but Dervek kept his hand steady and aimed.'
  5. 'After several seconds of nervous jittering, the man slowly began to bring his hands into the air, but then something changed.'
  6. 'He is leaning back in his leather chair, his knees once again jittering excitedly.'
  7. 'Now, if I could just stop jittering enough to do my work.'
  8. 'You might jitter with anxiety yourself as he steadfastly refuses to shift angles during a maddening and calamitous traffic jam.'
(of a signal or device) suffer from jitter.
  1. 'His computer beeped to life, jittering on his table, playing that annoying little tune that was accustomed to him receiving a new e-mail.'
  2. '‘Maybe its Camera jitters, maybe she's having second thoughts about the Harry Potter movie ’, James suggested as Tash shook her head.'
  3. 'The set-up is surreal, if rich in possibility, and the animation unsettling - a kind of collage effect that jitters awkwardly.'
  4. 'Mai put the candle down on the desk, setting monstrous shadows to jittering on the walls and ceiling as she turned back to me.'
  5. 'Said samples are then fired through the speakers, stuttering, jittering, and gurgling out at tremendous speeds.'

More definitions

1. jitters, nervousness; a feeling of fright or uneasiness (usually preceded by the): Every time I have to make a speech, I get the jitters.

2. fluctuations in the image on a television screen or in copy received by facsimile transmission, caused by interference or by momentary failures of synchronization. verb (used without object)

3. to behave nervously.

More examples(as adjective)

"territories can be jitters."

"backs can be jitters."


(jitter)1920s: of unknown origin.