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A light ringing sound such as that made by metal objects being shaken together.
  1. 'She found her keys, their familiar jingle rattling her.'
  2. 'The sound of horses stopping and the jingle of the reigns is all she hears.'
  3. 'After a moment, I heard his footsteps fade into a jingle of keys and a hacking cough.'
  4. 'There came a teasing jingle sound and the youth smiled eagerly.'
  5. 'Abruptly, Adrian heard the sound of a jingle coming from outside his apartment door.'
  6. 'Then he realized it was the jingle of harness as Hoss and Joe pulled back into the yard.'
  7. 'Drake took a tight grip of the man's shoulders, but couldn't stop him from falling onto his side and rolling over onto his back with a metal jingle.'
  8. 'She pushed past him and the bell gave a light jingle once more.'
  9. 'Suddenly he heard the slight jingle of keys in the hallway, followed by footsteps.'
  10. 'All this happened at a time when other High Street retailers have been listening to the satisfying jingles of ringing cash registers.'
A short slogan, verse, or tune designed to be easily remembered, especially as used in advertising.
  1. 'Ronnie, the bass player, has made a fortune writing advertising jingles.'
  2. 'But I wasn't surprised that the insistent commercial jingles of her childhood remained embedded in her brain.'
  3. 'After thousands of ad jingles, her voice became known enough to get chances of TV serials.'
  4. 'Evil Gazebo could write jingles for products that haven't been marketed yet.'
  5. 'In their mouths it sounds like an ad jingle.'
  6. 'But that doesn't make such a catchy jingle, does it, Bob?'
  7. 'We can sing the jingles of our favorite brands.'
  8. 'I want a link for the Mr. Machine TV commercial jingle.'
  9. 'They drive SUVs and talk in advertising jingles.'
  10. 'An appropriate gift for the people of Taiwan, a ‘gift that goes on giving’ as the advertising jingle says, would be a true bill of rights.'
A bivalve mollusc with a fragile, slightly translucent shell.


    Make or cause to make a light metallic ringing sound.
    1. with object 'he jingled the coins in his purse'
    2. 'Hearing her earrings jingling, I easily pictured her nodding like a lapdog.'
    3. 'Her ankle bracelets jingle as she paces the Persian carpet.'
    4. 'She had run out the door with my keys jingling in her hands.'
    5. 'Coins jingled into the dust followed by jewelry, daggers, and knives.'
    6. 'The door jingled merrily as Maria pushed it open.'
    7. 'Male dancers stomp and leap while waving pieces of cloth and jingling bells.'
    8. 'Gold jewelry jingled softly around her neck and wrists.'
    9. 'Coins jingled freely in his pocket as he strolled toward the man and his cart.'
    10. 'Sophia started to tug the Guard's navy dress coat, lightly jingling the badges on her left breast pocket.'
    11. 'They walked down to the car that way, Aaron's keys jingling in his pocket.'

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    1. to make clinking or tinkling sounds, as do coins, keys, or other light, resonant metal objects when coming into contact or being struck together repeatedly: The keys on his belt jingled as he walked.

    2. to move or proceed with such sounds: The sleigh, decorated with bells, jingled along the snowy road.

    3. to sound in a light, repetitious manner suggestive of this, as verse, a sequence of words, or piece of music.

    4. to make rhymes.

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    "patheticallies can be jingled."


    (jingle)Late Middle English: imitative.