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Relating to, associated with, or denoting Jews or Judaism.
  1. 'In any case, the issue was the degree of association between Gentile and Jewish members.'
  2. 'The order did not purport to proscribe attacks on Jewish homes or on synagogues.'
  3. 'Their poor recent immigrant status was at least as important as their being Jewish.'
  4. 'This outraged many in the Jewish community who regarded the posters as a religious insult.'
  5. 'His family was prominent in the Jewish diaspora and in the service of Rome in the east.'
  6. 'We were in a group of pre-war members of the Jewish community who had been forced to flee.'
  7. 'He was expelled from the Jewish community on account of his criticism of the Scriptures.'
  8. 'From the point of view of Jewish law, a wedding consists of two distinct procedures.'
  9. 'They had not had to grapple to any significant extent with Jewish dietary laws.'
  10. 'Why do the armed men sent by the Jewish high priests take Jesus into custody at night?'


1. of, relating to, or characteristic of the Jews or Judaism: Jewish customs.

2. Informal. Yiddish. noun

3. Informal. Yiddish.

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"people can be jewish for years."

"everythings can be jewish in senses."

"settlements can be jewish."

"states can be jewish."

"settlers can be jewish."

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