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Adorned, set with, or made from jewels.
  1. 'I stood there for what seemed like hours selecting each cuff and each jeweled centerpiece that would adorn it.'
  2. 'The jewelled cross pulled from an archaeological dig in rural Aberdeenshire does not, admittedly, look like much.'
  3. 'For how can one articulate in Anglo-Saxon with a jewelled mandible that was fashioned by the ancient Konkan goldsmiths of Goa?'
  4. 'The Conservatives presented him with a jewelled sword inscribed ‘Saviour of the Punjab.’'
  5. 'When Beauty looks into the mirror, she first sees herself, adorned with the jewelled crown.'
  6. 'With chikan kurtas in beige and white colours and jewelled T-shirts in a multitude of designs, every creation has a style of its own.'
  7. 'As Dominick's hand went to the hilt of the jeweled dagger in his belt, Rose stepped between them.'
  8. 'Now, if those trowel-botherers had been after a bag of gold coins or an ancient jewelled dagger, I might understand.'
  9. 'The jewelled brooch has a red-enamelled heart at its base, and the words ‘j'ouvre’ are outlined along its length.'
  10. 'She followed Quadra's previous gaze, and turned to find a jewelled dagger in her face.'


1. a cut and polished precious stone; gem.

2. a fashioned ornament for personal adornment, especially of a precious metal set with gems.

3. a precious possession.

4. a person or thing that is treasured, esteemed, or indispensable.

5. a durable bearing used in fine timepieces and other delicate instruments, made of natural or synthetic precious stone or other very hard material.

6. an ornamental boss of glass, sometimes cut with facets, in stained-glass work.

7. something resembling a

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"eggs can be jewelled."

"swords can be jewelled."

"hands can be jewelled."

"crowns can be jewelled."

"wristwatcheses can be jewelled."

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