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A landing stage or small pier at which boats can dock or be moored.
  1. 'Here you can dine with a view across the lagoon, while your yacht is moored in a private jetty.'
  2. 'The company is also planning to invest in a private jetty to enable it to export bulk cement.'
  3. '"Geraldton just had a small jetty at the time, " he said.'
  4. 'Under a steady drizzle the Ocean Hunter drew up to a small jetty nestled in the heart of a protected bay.'
  5. 'We started our diving from the centre's floating jetty.'
  6. 'Next to it is a timber building overhanging the lake, a fish restaurant and a jetty for fishing and boarding ferries.'
  7. 'History has it that Swami Vivekananda had reached the boat jetty on December 3, 1892.'
  8. 'The very long jetty was used as a wharf for the area in the days of coastal shipping.'
  9. 'The wooden jetty which jutted out into the waters was long, but the Lake seemed to dwarf it effortlessly.'
  10. 'The tender runs from the first row of old wooden jetties.'
  11. 'aircraft will not be connected to passenger jetties during maintenance'
  12. 'The students and their teachers were asked to design and build a passenger jetty, which would help to transfer passengers from the terminals to the planes.'
  13. 'Some fifteen minutes from the last lookout there is a stone seat from which you can view the upper harbour and the jetty at Governors Bay.'
  14. 'Rain or shine, every morning he walks down the fishing harbour jetty to feed the crows.'
  15. 'But they had to wait two years before construction was started with the jetty.'
  16. 'His dedication to the community has been manifested in numerous ways, including mortgaging his house to fund the construction of a jetty in the Soufriere Bay.'
  17. 'Now she shares her bay with three dayboats and a couple of other safari boats, and a rough jetty stretches almost to her mooring.'
  18. 'They also said the construction of a new jetty posed a threat to Greenland white-fronted geese which are common on the nearby Drumharlow Lake.'
  19. 'Land is also being protected from the erosive forces of the sea by rock jetties that extend out to sea.'
  20. 'We're blowing all this money to build houses and ruin habitat with so-called beach renourishment and jetties, groins and seawalls.'
  21. '‘All the old timber jetties along the coast over time reach the end of their lives,’ Mr Flottmann said.'
  22. 'We go ashore by dinghy at a pretty stone jetty surrounded by dense trees and rhododendron bushes.'

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1. a pier or structure of stones, piles, or the like, projecting into the sea or other body of water to protect a harbor, deflect the current, etc.

2. a wharf or landing pier.

3. the piles or wooden structure protecting a pier.

4. Also, jutty. an overhang, as of an upper story beyond a lower. verb (used with object), jettied, jettying.

5. to construct (part of a building) so that it projects beyond lower construction; jutty.

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(jetty)Late Middle English: from Old French jetee, feminine past participle of jeter ‘to throw’ (see jet).